Death by being stoned to the thigh, ‘confirmation of consent to damage’ found

According to News 1 on the 1st, a ‘confirmation of consent to damage’ was found in the vehicle they rode in, in which they agreed not to hold legal responsibility먹튀검증 for assault and damage caused by it.

A police official said, “I found a memorandum called a confirmation of consent to the damage inside the vehicle.”

“Even if there is a memorandum not to hold each other legally responsible, it is not effective,” he said.

It was found that the two, who had known each other for a long time through online games, had a debt dispute over game money and cash.

It is known that in the recent settlement process, conflicts arose due to differences in the amounts of bonds and debts that each other thought of.

They said they would put an end to it, and they argued together for about three weeks. The dispute, which originally started as an argument, slapped the other party’s cheek or punched them in the face when they fell asleep, and in the process, they hit each other’s thighs with stones.

As these actions were repeated, skin necrosis occurred on the thighs of the two people, and Mr. A died and Mr. B fell into critical condition. Mr. B directly reported to the police when Mr. A died.

On this day, the Yeosu Police Station announced that as a result of an autopsy on the deceased man, sepsis and excessive bleeding from a thigh wound were pointed out as the cause of death. Man B, who survived the car, is currently in a state of unconsciousness due to excessive bleeding due to skin necrosis.

The police are taking statements as soon as Mr. B’s physical condition recovers, while tracking accounts to confirm the debt-debt relationship between the two. We plan to conduct an investigation while leaving all possibilities open, including possible third-party intervention.

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