Did you catch the SD wagon for nothing? From sluggishness to injury in the first year of a large contract

 San Diego, which poured a huge amount of money into the offseason, is not living up to expectations this season. Manny Machado, who signed a major contract before the season, was placed on the injured list after a sluggish performance.먹튀검증

San Diego signed a huge 11-year, $350 million contract with Machado ahead of this season. Machado, who had a five-year contract remaining with San Diego, said, “I will go out as a free agent by opting out after the 2023 season,” and San Diego gave Machado a super-large contract as if to soothe him.

Machado, who played in 40 games this season, has a batting average of 0.231 (5 home runs and 19 RBIs). It is difficult to see it as a record for a top-notch third baseman. Machado is not free from the causes of San Diego’s sluggishness. To make matters worse, he is out of power due to a microfracture in his left palm. He was on the injured list nine years after his time with Baltimore in 2014, when he underwent surgery on his right knee.

This is a disappointing result for San Diego, who believed in Machado’s steadiness and durability. Machado, who joined Baltimore with the 3rd pick in the 1st round of the 2010 rookie draft and made his big league debut in 2012, recorded a batting average of 0.282, 283 home runs and 853 RBIs in 1445 games in 11 seasons until last season. Last year, he was ranked second in the National League MVP.

The good thing about San Diego is that they have Kim Ha-sung. Kim Ha-seong, a multi-player in the infield, is in charge of third base after Machado leaves. Ha-seong Kim is making up for the bad news of Machado’s sudden injury.

Thanks to Kim Ha-sung’s performance, San Diego is filling Machado’s gap in defense. However, Machado’s presence in the attack is inevitable. Although Machado has been sluggish this season, there is a sense of intimidation given to the opponent’s mound, and it is because you have to keep swinging the bat to get out of his sluggishness.

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