Didn’t you retire already? ‘Wedding band and LOVE’ that sparked rumors of Son Heung-min’s marriage

While Son Heung-min, who scored 143 goals in Tottenham’s career, announced his intention to stay focused on his team and score more goals, various reactions are continuing over the recent marriage rumor.

The rumor of Son Heung-min’s marriage was sparked by the remarks of Kim Dong-wan, a soccer agent and soccer commentator belonging to SBS Sports, on the YouTube channel ‘Dalsune Live’ operated by Park Mun-seong on the 13th.

Kim Dong-wan said, “Comparing Son Heung-min’s three or four games, his face was the brightest in the last game.

He said, “I can’t say anything, but I can see the warmth that can refresh Son Heung-min (on his face and expression). His complexion has improved. There is a reason. Will it become brighter overnight? Would it become brighter just because Conte left? Personally, It means that there is something brightening. It is my guess.”

Park Mun-seong wondered, “I feel dizzy,” and in the chat room, responses such as “Marriage?” “What is there?” “Does Heung-min hyung have a girlfriend?”

Later, through a community, Son Heung-min was wearing a ring on the middle finger of his left hand in a photo taken at the airport last year, and the ring became known as the ‘Quatre Black Edition Wedding Band’ product of the brand Boucheron, adding to the suspicion.

However, some responded that the marriage rumor was absurd because Son Heung-min’s father, Son Woong-jeong, general manager of the SON Football Academy, had expressed a firm stance on Son Heung-min’s marriage.

In 2019, the British media’Sports Bible’ published an interview with Son Heung-min’s thoughts regarding what Son said about his son’s marriage, “It is not until retirement.”

At the time, Son Heung-min said, “My father told me that I couldn’t get married before retirement, and I agreed.” I want to be,” he said.

Afterwards, director Son Woong-jeong also said in an interview with the Gangwon Ilbo, “I tell you to retire before marriage.온라인바카라” Director Sohn said, “(Now) is an opportunity given by the sky. I tell Heung-min to retire and plan for marriage. I tell him to take good care of his body and delay his retirement by one or two years.”

On the other hand, in an interview with the British media Independent on the 17th (local time), Son Heung-min expressed his willingness to work, saying, “I want to rank higher in Tottenham’s career scoring record. I think I can play for a few more years.”

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