Disaster while sending son to school…Father and son died in the rain

In Namwon, North Jeolla Province, there was an unfortunate traffic accident on a rainy road.

On a rainy morning, her father tried to pick up his son and drive him to school, but the vehicle skidded in the rain.

As a result of the crash, the car caught fire and both father and son died.

This is Reporter Jeon Jae-woong.

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A fire engine runs in a hurry on a rainy road.

The car was thrown off the road and engulfed in flames.

At around 8:30 am, a car driven by a driver in his 40s skidded in the rain and crashed into a guardrail.

The vehicle hit a sign standing here and stopped behind me먹튀검증, and the driver who followed found the man in the passenger seat and took him out to rescue him.

A large fire was extinguished about a minute after the fire engine arrived, but a male high school student was hiding in the back seat of the vehicle.

The high school student in the back seat was found after all the lights were out because of the strong fire and the smoke that filled the car.

[Police official]
“They couldn’t see inside because it was full of smoke. I was trying to look at the driver’s side, so I guess there was one person lying down like this.”

The student’s father, who was taken to the hospital, also lost his life.

The road where the accident occurred was downhill, and at the time it was raining at a rate of 6.4 mm per hour.

The police said, “It seems that the father slipped and got into an accident while taking his son to school by car.”

This is MBC News Jeon Jae-woong.

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