“Do you recruit Bauer?” Straight-forward questions, one word is enough for the director to answer

Applause poured in for the director’s one-word answer. 먹튀검증 He was the answer to the question of whether there were any plans to bring in a pitcher who had received the Sai video just three years ago, who could be recruited for the lowest salary.

Atlanta coach Brian Snicker received a question from a fan at an event on the 29th (Korean time). “Coach, can the Braves add another pitcher? Like Trevor Bauer.”

Director Snicker took the microphone and dismissed the situation with one word without even touching him. “Nope.”

After answering, director Snicker gently closed his eyes, pouted his mouth, and shook his head from side to side, emphasizing the meaning of ‘that’s not going to happen’ once again. After a moment of silence, applause poured in. The video went viral on Twitter by Tyler Redmond, a reporter based in Atlanta.

This is a cross-section of the reality that Bauer, the ‘lowest paid Cy Young player’, is facing.

In June 2021, Bauer was suspended for 324 games, the longest in major league history, for sexual assault. With this discipline reduced to 194 games, he can return to the major leagues from the start of the 2023 season, but no one wants him yet.

The Dodgers immediately chose to part with Bauer. Bauer was assigned DFA by the Dodgers on the 9th. When the team that tried to sign Waiver failed to show up, the Dodgers released him.

This is what was expected so far. The Dodgers initially tried to release Bauer. In this way, the rest of the clubs can recruit Bauer with the lowest annual salary. However, no team has come forward to catch him until January.

As such, the perception of Bauer is not good. Bauer is accused of assaulting three women. In its own investigation, the MLB Secretariat determined that Bauer deserved a long suspension of more than one year.

The Washington Post reported that while Bauer publicly denied the assault, he did admit it in a conversation with the accuser. A team that wants to recruit Bauer must first overcome the backlash from public opinion rather than his hiatus of more than a year. Atlanta seems to have decided not to take such a risk.

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