Doosan Kwak Bin is growing strong ‘For the Bears and the national team!’… AG final rehearsal on the 22nd following the result of the KIA game on the 17th

We are in crisis without a win for 3 weeks. Considering that he must play a pivotal role in the Hangzhou Asian Games, he must regain his stamina and confidence before joining the national team. The sorrow of being the ‘national batter’ is burning.

Doosan will send Kwak Bin (24) to the final game of the three-game series against KIA, which will be played at Gwangju-KIA Champions Field starting on the 15th. Coach Lee said, “Kwak Bin is scheduled to join the national team after pitching on the 17th and 22nd (if there are no variables such as rain outings).” Kwak Bin started against Hanwha in Jamsil on the 12th and pitched unsatisfactorily, allowing 3 runs in 4 innings. Because of his erratic pitch control, he had 98 pitches when he finished the 4th inning. This is why he failed to pitch 5 innings to meet the winning pitcher requirements.

Coach Lee expressed his disappointment, saying, “I had to pitch hard after four days of rest, so I had no choice but to give a tough performance.” The appearance is against KIA, and there is a possibility that the appearance will be forced after two four-day먹튀검증 rests. Coach Lee left room to say, “The final decision on whether to pitch on the 22nd will be made after seeing the game on the 17th.” The intention is to closely monitor the recovery status and then select the player, as it may be difficult to rotate for 5 days in a row twice if the player plays long innings.

There is also a possibility that the game may be postponed due to rain or the schedule may be changed to a double header, so Kwak Bin’s appearance on the 22nd has not been confirmed. As there is a possibility that Choi Won-jun may return before the Jamsil NC game on the 19th, the starting rotation can be operated flexibly.

Even so, Kwak Bin must recover his position. Her arms sometimes sag, or her left shoulder or pelvis opens prematurely. This means that unnecessary movements are used to use force or increase ball movement. Since he is still a young pitcher, it appears that he has not established his pitching mechanism. Through these experiences, you must gain the know-how to have consistency and stability.

After pitching impressively against SSG on the 25th of last month, allowing 4 hits and no runs in 8 innings, he was unable to add a win. He showed a perfect performance against LG, allowing no runs in 6 innings, but failed to record a win or loss, and on the 6th, his first appearance in September, against KIA, he collapsed with 6 runs allowed in 3.1 innings. Considering that he is a young pitcher who is affected by atmosphere, momentum, etc., it is an understandable roller coaster ride.

Since he has performed poorly in two consecutive games, there are expectations that he will recover his form in his next appearance. Regardless of whether you win or lose, it is important to make a pitch that you can understand. First of all, the best scenario is to recover the team’s form in the game on the 17th and then extend the team’s hopes of advancing to the postseason in the game against Samsung in Daegu on the 22nd.

Coach Lee also wants to gift a young ace named Kwak Bin to national team coach Ryu Joong-il, who is having difficulty forming a pitching staff due to injuries and poor performance. In many ways, Kwak Bin’s comeback became a duty. Only by overcoming this burden can Doosan establish itself as the present, not the future. 

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