Elementary school principals boo ‘woo’ during policy briefing with Deputy Prime Minister Lee Ju-ho

At ​​the Korea Elementary School Principals Association training session, some elementary school principals protested by booing Lee Ju-ho, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, for briefing on education policy.

Deputy Prime Minister Lee attended the summer먹튀검증 training session of the Korea Elementary School Principals Association held at Cheongju University on the 17th and explained the integration of kindergarten and childcare (reservation) promoted by the current government, saying, “We will promote world-class educational care.”

Deputy Prime Minister Lee said, “There is no clear distinction between care and education between the ages of 0 and 11, and parents who want good care want the most reliable school to do it.” “he said.

When this remark came out, some of the principals who attended the training held up signs reading ‘Establishment of teaching authority, revision of laws’ and shouted ‘Woo~’ or slogans such as ‘Establishment of teaching authority’.

Next, while explaining the concept of Neulbom School, Deputy Prime Minister Lee said, “I think there may be people who oppose Neulbom School. A similar reaction came out.

Afterwards, Deputy Prime Minister Lee explained the Ministry of Education’s position that it would respond severely to school violence, explained digital education, etc., and finished the policy briefing in about 20 minutes.

After Deputy Prime Minister Lee’s briefing, the host requested applause, but some principals still booed.

A principal who attended the workshop said, “The Deputy Prime Minister of Education did not give a specific stance on the establishment of teacher authority, which has recently raised issues, and it seems that some principals expressed their opposition to the mention of the integration of reservations, which elementary school teachers oppose.”

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