Embiid injured knee, adjusts return schedule according to reexamination results

The Philadelphia 76ers are at the crossroads of maintaining power in the early second round of the playoffs.

According to ESPN reporter Ramerna Shelburne, Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid (center-forward, 213cm, 127kg) said that his return schedule will be determined based on the results of this week’s test.

Embiid is currently out of the line with a left knee injury. He missed Game 4 of the first round of the playoffs against the Brooklyn Nets on the 23rd (Korean time) due to a sprained lateral collateral ligament. Philadelphia won despite Embiid’s absence that day, and advanced to the second round of the playoffs first.메이저사이트

However, it is unclear whether Embiid will be able to play in the first leg of the upcoming Eastern Conference Semifinals. Correspondent Shams Charania of 『The Athletic』 announced that he could play in the first round of the upcoming second round. However, reporter John Clark of NBC Sports reported that if Embiid played in Game 1, he would have to wear a brace. There are also mixed views in the local area.

At this point, it is too early to say whether Embiid will make a sortie at the beginning of the second round. Even if the test results are good, management is necessary. Realistically, it may be better to miss the first game of the upcoming Eastern Semifinals and start from the second game. Philadelphia coach Doc Rivers also made the fact of his injury official, saying that Embiid’s knee was not fully healed after Game 4 of the first round.

Another option is to start the second round late. While Philadelphia succeeded in the second round, the opponent has not yet been decided. The Boston Celtics are ahead, but they lost to the Atlanta Hawks in the third game of the first round. But with a win in Game 4 and Atlanta’s Dizonte Murray missing Game 5 of the coming first round, the series has more room to end early.

For Philadelphia, it may be better to hope for Atlanta’s performance. If the series goes to Game 6, Philadelphia can give Embiid more time to recover. If the 5th round ends and the 2nd round starts this weekend or the coming week, Philadelphia is expected to go to the 1st round without Embiid. Because he is absolutely necessary for the championship challenge.

Embiid played three games in this playoff. He recorded 20 points (.462 .125 .958), 11.3 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal and 2.3 blocks in 35.9 minutes per game. Compared to his average of 33 points in the regular season, his playoff presence was somewhat lacking. However, even though he did not perform as well as he did during the season, Philadelphia easily outperformed Brooklyn, who was one step below.

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