EPL’s most goal collaboration ‘Sonke Duo’ disbanded? … Real Madrid ‘pak’ on Kane

There is a prospect that the so-called ‘Sonke Duo’ that supports Tottenham Hotspur may disband.

Spanish media Todo Pichajes reported on the 11th (Korean time) that Spain’s Real Madrid has entered the competition to sign Harry Kane.

According to the media, Real Madrid are looking at Kane as the best choice after failing to sign Kylian Mbappe and Elling Haalan.

Kane also has a strong desire to embark on a new adventure to change his football career at the age of 30.

Real Madrid are maintaining contact with Kane’s agent and Tottenham club with the goal of signing him next season, and are willing to spend up to 100 million euros (approximately 133.9 billion won) in transfer fees, given that his current contract runs until June 2024. I saw it.

Kane is Tottenham Hotspur’s absolute ace. He has the greatest influence on the team, not only scoring goals but also assisting and killing passes. He has scored 198 goals in the English Premier League (EPL), ranking third on the all-time list of goalscorers. Only two are above him: Alan Shearer (260 goals) and Wayne Rooney 안전놀이터. He has a very good chance of becoming the top scorer if he continues to play in the EPL.

But he is thirsty for victory. His team, Tottenham, is far from winning. Due to the propensity of the owner, it is difficult to expect a hot investment in the future.

As a result, rumors of Kane’s transfer, who wants to become a ‘Winner’, continue to flow. For a while there was a strong connection with Bayern Munich in Germany. However, around the time the observation that Munich’s interest had cooled, the possibility of going to Real Madrid was raised again.

If Kane leaves London this summer, the ‘Sonke Duo’, which is considered the best attacking combination by combining 43 goals (50 goals in official matches), the most in the EPL, will automatically be disbanded.

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