Even pushing and hitting ‘no foul’… The referee is the 12th player?

Our players had to suffer from the opponent’s rough play throughout the game. The Italians were sometimes outright foul, but the referee’s whistle didn’t sound very well. Of course, judging is also part of the game, but even so, there were many unfavorable judgments against us.

Next is Reporter Kim Hyung-yeol.


In the quarterfinals, against our players who were exhausted after 120 minutes of bloody fighting and only one day of rest, Italy continued with rough play reminiscent of martial arts.

Grabbing clothes or pushing them down is standard, and there were several times when I raised my feet high in the face and hit them with my arms.

Italy committed 26 fouls, more than twice as many as us, including the ‘non manners’ in which we throw the ball at our player who has fallen for a foul, [Lee Hwang-jae/SBS commentator: (Italian players) use their hands, pull, and

mess It’s not such a fuss.]

The actual fouls were much more than this.

This is because Argentine national referee Pérez often looked away even after seeing him clearly in front of him.

[Lee Hwang-jae/SBS commentator: He hits the opponent’s face while using his elbow like that, but the fact that referee Perez says he didn’t see it is too much.] Especially in the 18th minute of the second half, when Lee Seung-won shoots, Gilardi hits Lee Yeong-joon in the penalty box

. The scene of ignoring what was knocked down from the inside,

[Lee Jae-hyeong/SBS Caster: If Gilardi hadn’t pushed Lee Yeong-joon, the rebounded ball could have been shot, but it’s a pity.] In the second half of the extra time, from a good free kick position, Papundi pushed Bae Seo-joon openly, but the foul

was What was not declared was a ‘decision in question’ that could have affected the win or loss.

[Kim Eun-joong/U-20 World Cup Team Coach: There are some regrets about the judgment, but judgment is also part of the game (accepting it), so we want to say that we are grateful that the players did their best.] Even in these adverse conditions,안전놀이터

we The players fought for victory until the end without losing their composure, and the fighting spirit of the young Taegeuk warriors was more valuable than winning or losing.

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