“Even though it’s expensive, the upgrade is certain” Another ‘new team’ who fell in love with Ha-seong Kim came out

It seems clear that Ha-seong Kim (28, San Diego) is an attractive trade item. Another new team came out that fell in love with him.

On the 10th (Korean time), American media Sports Mockery introduced potential second baseman trade candidates from the Chicago White Sox.

The expected keystone combination for the Chicago White Sox at this point is shortstop Tim Anderson (30) and second baseman Romi Gonzalez (27). Among them, Anderson, who signed a long-term contract for 7 years and 37.5 million dollars, has a firm place. In addition to defense, he has a batting average of 0.288 in 772 games, 97 homers, 313 RBIs, 104 stolen bases, and an OPS of 0.759.

The worry is that there is no candidate for second base. It is difficult to see this as a blow suitable for Gonzalez with a batting average of 0.238 and OPS of 0.609 last year, or Rory Garcia (32) with a batting average of 0.210 and OPS of 0.500, or a major league second baseman. For that reason, a reunion with a veteran free agent is expected, but there is a possibility of a trade. Rick Han, general manager of the Chicago White Sox, also left the possibility open, saying, “There is definitely a possibility to bring in an infielder from outside.” 토토

“The Chicago White Sox don’t have many prospects worth trading, so you’ll have to be creative to trade them,” Sports Mockery said, adding, “There are a few top trades.”

Ha-seong Kim was one of them. Sports Mockery worried that “Ha-seong Kim will be the starting second baseman for this year’s opening game, so he will be very expensive.” (24%), stole 12 bases.”

“In addition, Kim Ha-seong is a dexterous infielder. With 11 OAA (Outs Above Average), he caught 11 more outs than the league average fielder. However, he spent most of his career as a shortstop. Over the past two seasons, he played 21 games at second base. It was a lot,” he added.

But it was clear that he was an attractive candidate. “San Diego’s asking price is expected to be too high compared to the expected performance, but Kim Ha-seong is still a player who will definitely upgrade (power) more than any other second base resource the Chicago White Sox have,” Sports Mockery argued.

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