Fasting and shaving heads outside, ‘shouting’ inside… Unity or fatigue?

The Democratic Party of Korea has been raising the level of its lending offensive by declaring a ‘national uprising against the prosecutorial dictatorship’ and even holding candlelight vigils and head-shaving protests since leader Lee Jae-myung began fasting. Although they are determined to fight against the Yoon Seok-yeol government with a unified force, on the other hand, they are also showing signs of fatigue due to ‘general mobilization’ without any promises토토사이트.

On the afternoon of the 7th, the eighth day of Representative Lee’s fast, members of the Democratic Party’s Jeonbuk region lawmakers plan to hold a rally denouncing the government’s budget cuts related to the Saemangeum project and hold a hair-shaving ceremony. The intensity of the Democratic Party’s off-campus struggle, which held a rally to oppose the discharge of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in solidarity with civic groups in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, and continued a candlelight festival at the National Assembly on weekday evenings, appears to be reaching its peak.

Even in the halls, the Democratic Party is launching an all-out offensive on current issues. On this day, the Democratic Party plans to propose a special prosecutor (special prosecutor) bill in relation to suspicions of external pressure on the investigation into the death of Corporal Chae of the Marine Corps. In a question to the government at the National Assembly on the 5th, Democratic Party lawmakers Seol Hoon and Kim Doo-gwan mentioned the impeachment of President Yoon Seok-yeol, which drew strong opposition from the ruling party. As the shouting between the ruling and opposition parties continued, National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo pointed out, “Even elementary school neighborhood associations are not like this.”

Some say that Representative Lee’s indefinite fast is converging party power in one place.

Representative Lee is also determined to fast until the end without leaving the exit route open. In an interview with CBS on the 5th, he said, “There can be no conditions for ending (the fast). I am doing this to feel the pain that the people are going through and to show how desperate the current situation is, so I can’t say, ‘If you do this, I won’t do it.’ “It doesn’t exist,” he emphasized.

Then, there are quite a few voices complaining of fatigue from the endless struggle and continuous mobilization. Multiple Democratic Party regional chairmen said, “There is a lot of fatigue in the region as they are mobilized to rallies without any support from the party.” On the 4th, the Democratic Party sent an official letter to 17 city and provincial parties across the country requesting support for more than 200 rally participants until Representative Lee’s hunger strike ends.

There are also concerns that methods of struggle such as fasting, shaving heads, and candlelight vigils are outdated and not helpful in expanding the scope. The Democratic Party’s approval rating remains stuck in the range of around 30 percent even after Representative Lee’s hunger strike. A re-elected member of the party said, “That’s all we can do because cooperation between the ruling and opposition parties is impossible,” but added, “I feel skeptical about the current political situation.”

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