“Flower Monk is Coming” Application deadline in 4 hours… ‘MZ monk’ who heated up SNS

Recently, a temple tour program hosted by Hwaeomsa Temple on Mt. Jiri ended within 4 hours of registration먹튀검증.

At the same time, interest in ‘Kkot Monk’, a famous figure at Hwaeomsa Temple, is also increasing.

Jirisan Hwaeomsa Temple began accepting applicants for the night temple tour program on a first-come, first-served basis from 11 a.m. yesterday (5th).

Applications closed at 3pm, 4 hours after the application began.

In particular, this program attracted attention as word of mouth spread on social media that you could see Monk Beomjeong, well-known by his nickname ‘Flower Monk.’

It is said that Monk Beomjeong was given the nickname ‘Flower Monk’ to express his desire to become a flower-like ascetic who spreads the teachings of Buddha. She is popular for her good looks and has

over 20,000 SNS subscribers.

Also, because he is popular among young people, he is also called MZ monk.

Hwaeomsa Temple is also showing unique moves that are attracting the attention of the MZ generation.

On the 2nd, it attracted attention by announcing the launch of the world’s first temple vegan burger.

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