Former Minister Cho Kuk and his wife “Suspicion of irregularities in the entrance examination of their children, our negligence and fault as parents”

Former Minister of Justice Cho Kuk and his wife said온라인바카라, “We, as parents, confess our negligence and mistakes” regarding the allegations of irregularities in the entrance examination of their children.Former Minister Cho posted a statement on Facebook today (23rd) with the name of his wife, former professor Kyung-Shim Jeong, and said, “After the prosecution’s investigation of our daughter, the prosecution is demanding that parents also clarify their position through the media.”Former Minister Cho said, “My children gave up or returned all of their degrees and qualifications related to the case in which they were accused or convicted of irregularities in the entrance examination, and they also withdrew related lawsuits.”He added, “We are reflecting on the fact that our parents, our parents, were responsible for this. We have publicly apologized to the public several times since 2019, but we take this opportunity to once again express our apologies to the people.”In addition, he emphasized, “We will honestly disclose and explain at the court hearing what the process of writing, issuing, and submitting the problematic documents was and how each parent was involved in this process.”

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