‘Futures home run king → outfield conversion’ Uta Big Bat, the command tower also “don’t know when it will explode” pay close attention 

“Because he is such a talented player, you don’t know when he’ll explode. I’m keeping an eye on him.”

Park Jin-man, manager of the Samsung Lions, said this about Lee Seong-gyu (outfielder), who was the home run king of the Futures. 

Lee Seong-gyu, who joined Samsung in 2016 after graduating from Gwangju Dongseong High School and Inha University, drew attention as an infielder with excellent long-hit production ability. 

He hit 31 home runs as a member of the police baseball team in 2018, winning the Futures home run king. On April 11 of that year, in the KIA game held at Byeokje Baseball Stadium in Goyang, he set a record as the first 4 home runs in the Futures League. 

Lee Seong-gyu hit a double-digit home run for the first time in his first team debut in 2020 and finally seemed to be in full bloom, but frequent injuries left regrets. 

Lee Seong-gyu, who prepared this season at Futures Camp, joined the first-team camp and was recognized for his potential. He showed off his slugger DNA in practice games and made people look forward to his performance this season. 

In an exhibition game against LG on the 15th, Lee Seong-gyu hit a three-run home run over the left wall against left-hander Lee Woo-chan of LG at 1st and 2nd base, with Kang Han-wool’s right-center hit and Kim Jae-sang’s left-handed hit in the 8th inning. His flying distance is 120m. 

Lee Seong-kyu, who expanded his defensive range to the outfield as well as first and third base last year, completely converted to an outfielder this year. Coach Kang Bong-kyu, who is in charge of running and outfield defense, said, “It hasn’t been long since Seong-gyu Lee moved from the infield to the outfield, but he’s adapting quickly. He’s working so hard, so I’m looking forward to his good performance.” 

Manager Park Jin-man said, 스포츠토토“Until last year, I played both infield and outfield, but this year I have to play outfield. He also added, “I expect to show a good performance because my strength is that I have prepared a lot for batting. However, it is a pity that I have too many thoughts. I need to think simply.” 

Manager Park Jin-man expressed his anticipation, saying, “I’ve been going back and forth between the 1st team and the Futures, so I’ve lost confidence, but if I gain confidence, I’ll be able to show a good performance. I’m a very talented player, so I don’t know when it might burst. I’m constantly watching.” 

Will right-hander big bat Lee Seong-kyu, who has a slugging power comparable to foreign hitter Jose Pirella, be able to hit properly this season? So far, the process has been smooth.

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