Goes into labor on the roof of a Mexican train bound for the U.S. border… Obtaining permanent residency after giving birth

A pregnant Venezuelan woman who felt labor pains먹튀검증 on the roof of a Mexican train while heading to the U.S. border gave birth to a healthy baby at the hospital. This family all received permanent residency in Mexico.

According to the Mexican Immigration Service on the 5th (local time), on the 25th of last month, a Venezuelan couple and their two young children climbed on the roof of a train departing from Irapuato, central Guanajuato, to go to the U.S. border area.

Among these couples, who were known to be undocumented (illegal) immigrants, the wife was pregnant.

The woman, who was traveling with dozens of other migrants, felt severe contractions a few hours later that suggested she was about to give birth. She says he had been enduring her labor pains for several days already.

In the end, he got off in the state of Aguascalientes, 800km away from the US border, was urgently transferred to a local hospital with the help of the immigration office, and was able to hold his third child in his arms.

In a related press release, the Mexican Immigration Service said, “As the child was born in Mexico, administrative processing related to the birth certificate has been carried out,” and “his parents and siblings can both obtain permanent residency in Mexico.”

Mexico, like neighboring countries such as the United States and Canada, adopts the ‘place of birth principle’ when it comes to acquiring citizenship. Parents’ nationality is irrelevant.

However, Central and South American immigrants generally prefer American citizenship rather than Mexican citizenship.

Mexico’s immigration office added, “If this family decides to remain in Mexico rather than continue their journey to the United States, they will receive legal employment, as well as health and education services.”

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