Gold bars and bundles of money worth 14.6 billion were hidden in three places… ‘Embroidery plan’ memo

Prosecutors are arresting and investigating a 먹튀검증Gyeongnam Bank employee who embezzled 100 billion won worth of company money. As a result of our investigation, it was confirmed that this employee hid gold bars, bundles of cash, and gift certificates in three officetels in the metropolitan area while running away, totaling a total of 14.6 billion won. It was also revealed that a ‘surrender plan’ was prepared to prepare for the investigation.

Reporter Park Byeong-hyeon reports.


This is an officetel in Gangnam, Seoul.

This is where Mr. Lee, a manager at Kyongnam Bank, was arrested on the 21st.

[Building official: The house smelled so bad that I tried to leave it empty for a month, but they came right back in.] We

also prepared in advance for the narrowing of the investigation net.

[Building official: I have to go to the 9th floor, but I press the 8th floor… [He went around so thoroughly.]

About 10 gold bars hidden by Mr. Lee were discovered here.

70 gold bars were found at an officetel in Hanam, Gyeonggi Province.

Another hideout, an officetel in Songpa, Seoul, contained not only gold bars but also 4.5 billion won in cash in 50,000 won bills and 40 million won worth of gift certificates.

A total of about 14.6 billion won was hidden in these three places.

The prosecution also obtained a memo saying, ‘I will surrender around August 28th or 29th.’

Ms. Lee is reported to have stated that she “tried to surrender, leaving behind her family’s living expenses.”

However, the prosecution suspects that he hid money for his own use after his release from prison.

It turns out that while Lee was running away, he searched for sentences for similar embezzlement cases.

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