Golf star Bang Shin-sil, ‘From a blast to a craze’… “My goal is to be number one in the world like Jinyoung Ko”

■ First victory in his life with an exciting long hit over 300 yards… ‘The beginning of the room frenzy’

The driving distance of the driver in the room is overwhelming. Send 30 to 40 yards farther than players in the same group. With exciting long hits and aggressive play, the large rookie thrilled golf fans.

Only the match played in the championship group on the last day of the tournament has already collapsed in last-minute matches in the previous two tournaments, including the KLPGA Championship, a major tournament, and three times already in the past month.

However, it was different at the E1 Charity Open. On the 28th, in the middle of the rain, the room was not shaken, and rather, the opponents who were competing for the championship collapsed one after another.

Bang Shin-sil reported her first victory on the KLPGA tour with a ‘Wire-to-Wire Championship’ that never gave up the lead from the first round to the last. Although he caught a cold, he overcame the pressure with mental strength. The experience of two matches with his champion group made Bang Shin-sil a stronger player.

With this victory, Bang Shin-sil ranked first in the average at-bats (70.08 strokes), first in driving distance (259.6 yards), and first in green hit rate (79.6%) on the KLPGA Tour.

At 173cm tall, he has been loved by fans since his first year of debut and quickly emerged as the most popular player on the KLPGA tour with his cool long hit and aggressive game style that is not intimidating.

■”My role model is Jinyoung Ko… My goal is to be number 1 in the world” Bang Shin-

sil, who announced the birth of a major star, has a high goal. Bang Sin-sil said that Jin-young Ko, who is currently world number 1, is her role model, and revealed her goal, “I want to go to the LPGA Tour and become world number 1.”

Korean women’s golf, which prided itself on being the best in the world, has recently fallen into a swamp of sluggishness. Fans waited for the birth of a new star to change this stagnant atmosphere. So, the appearance of a room with the potential of a big star is more welcome than ever.

Experts evaluate Bang Sin-sil as a player who can shake the game not only in domestic women’s golf but also in the US LPGA tour in the future.스포츠토토

Bang Shin-sil, who first encountered golf at the age of seven following her father, who was a taekwondo champion, took her signature long hit to the top of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour. It is the first time she has lifted the championship trophy, but as she plays, she is also showing the possibility of reigning as the strongest player in the country.

The appearance of a 19-year-old Bang Shin-sil, who is growing from a gust of wind to a craze. I am looking forward to the future he will write down whether he will be able to rise to the top spot in the world that she has revealed as her goal.

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