GOT7 Jackson, ’embarrassed’ after a female fan dragged him out of the car… Star Safety ‘Red Light’

GOT7’s Jackson was pulled over by a female fan while trying to get into a car.

On the 22nd, after an event in Bangkok, Thailand, Jackson greeted fans in front of his vehicle. As he was getting into the car, a female fan wearing a mask pulled on his back and shirt and dragged him out of the car.

The staff immediately separated the female fan, but Jackson seemed embarrassed and couldn’t move for a while. Jackson asked the people around him who the woman was, waved to fans that he was fine, and got back into the vehicle.

Afterwards, Jackson reassured fans by posting a video of himself smiling on his Instagram.

The incident quickly spread online온라인카지노 through videos taken by fans at the scene. Thai fans posted an apology online. Thai fans stressed that Jackson’s privacy and personal space should be respected and that his safety should come first.

This is the appearance of a red light on the safety of stars recently.

On the 12th, Jungkook of the group BTS went to Incheon International Airport to leave for the United States, and was surprised by a sudden fan.

According to fans at the scene, the fan who was dragged out by the bodyguard claimed that he had known Jungkook for 10 years, and then ran away due to criticism from other fans.

Recently, while Ive Jang Won-young was digesting his schedule, an elementary school fan suddenly approached him and tried to touch his arm. Jang Won-young avoided the fan with a surprised expression and passed by, and the elementary school fan was stopped by the staff.

Some mom cafes who watched the video criticized Jang Won-young for showing a straight face rather than saying hello when an elementary school student approached. In the end, there were also a number of comments criticizing the personality with unconfirmed content such as “originally that kind of personality”.

Some netizens sympathized with and defended Jang Won-young’s position. It is a reaction that even ordinary people can reflexively be surprised when someone suddenly approaches. There were also comments saying that even if the target was an elementary school fan, there was no need to deal with it with a smile.

Meanwhile, when Jackson entered Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand on the 18th, hundreds of fans gathered in and out of the airport and were escorted by 9 local police officers. However, as the waiting time of ordinary passengers at the immigration counter increased, the local immigration office moved nine police officers who escorted Jackson to inactive positions.

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