‘Han Kang’s death medical student’ Lee Eun ‘Seoi-cho Gapjil’… Seocho-seo loses trust in poor investigation

While it was revealed that a Seoi-cho teacher in Seocho-gu, Seoul, who took his own life last month, suffered from malicious complaints, it was revealed that the parents of the perpetrators included an incumbent police officer and a couple from a prosecutor’s office.

Previously, the Seocho Police Station in Seoul concluded the case by hastily drawing conclusions about the case, saying, “There was no abusive language or power abuse” as a result of investigating the four parents. Regarding this, as it is known that the subject of the investigation is an incumbent police officer and a couple of prosecutors, criticism from citizens pointing out the suspicion of the police’s poor investigation to ‘cover my family’ is rising.

◇ It was revealed that a police officer was involved in the Seoi-cho incident, and

the National Teachers and Education Workers Union (KTU) also said on the 25th, “The incumbent police officer who contacted the deceased several times and filed complaints and the parents, who are prosecutors’ investigators, were investigated as references, but suspicions of the crime were found. “The bereaved family said they could not believe the police investigation,” the police said.

The victim teacher A, who made an extreme choice, received dozens of phone calls from the perpetrator and the victim’s parents on her personal phone after a quarrel broke out between students in the classroom. As a colleague teacher reported the fact that the parent’s complaint of abuse of power may have influenced the death of the deceased, the investigation into the case in Seocho was expanded. Seo Cho-seo explained, “I investigated the parents, but I couldn’t find any charges,” and explained to the effect that “the cause was a personal matter unrelated to work.”

◇ The ‘Hangang Park Medical Student Death Case’ summoned again

The Seocho Police Station’s “no charges” announcement that took place during the investigation of this ‘Seoi-cho Teacher Death Case’ oddly resembles the death case of the late Han River Medical Student Son Jung-min in 2021.

At that time, Son Jeong-min was contacted by his friend B at the park in front of his house and went out to meet, then went missing and was found dead in the Han River after 5 days. In the ‘Han River Medical Student Death Case’, as in the ‘Seoi-cho Teacher’ case, a number of suspicions and circumstances were discovered, but Seo Cho-seo hurriedly closed the internal investigation with ‘no charges’. In the case of the Han River incident, if you look at the CCTV

that was illuminating the scene at the time, you can see the image of the late Son Jung-min, who quickly fell to the mound at 3:31 am, and the image of a person presumed to be Mr. It includes the scene of looking down the river slope three times. At the meeting with the bereaved family, then investigator Seo Cho-seo made a meaningful remark, “(This CCTV scene) is strange, but how do you open that mouth?”, but the related investigation did not proceed any further. There was also an incomprehensible incident in which the CCTV during the investigation was deleted. When the bereaved family requested the disclosure of information about the CCTV that was illuminating the scene of the incident , Seocho-seo refused to do so, leading to an administrative lawsuit.

Seo Cha-seo, who rationalized her refusal to read by consistently making lame excuses during several trials, confessed in the final trial that she had먹튀검증 deleted the CCTV at the beginning of the case.

The bereaved family members were indignant, saying, “It is like a criminal act by the public authority to remove the CCTV of the scene of the case under investigation by the police. “

And that’s not all. Seocho-seo broke the principle of investigating the most likely perpetrator. The perpetrator bought time to put the T-shirt and sneakers worn by Mr. A at the time, which could be important evidence, in a pay-as-you-go bag, and did not even conduct a lie detector investigation or on-site verification. In the meantime, the bereaved family had to personally conduct a bloodstain test to identify bloodstains at the scene.

Friend B made a statement by remembering the situation by time zone until the day after the incident. However, after appointing a lawyer at the witness investigation stage before Son was found, he overturned his statement with ‘blackout for 7 hours’.

The bereaved family said, “The fact that Seocho-seo conducted a biased investigation against his friend B, such as randomly submitting key evidence up to 25 days after the incident, instead of a search and seizure, was also clearly revealed in the ‘Seoi-cho teacher death case’.”

◇ “Seocho Seo’s repeated insolvency and biased investigation is a secondary offense”

Professor Cho Seong-min, emeritus professor at Korea National University of Education, strongly criticized Seo Cho-seo, saying, “When I told him to catch a criminal, he caught a good person and violated human rights and committed injustice.”

The bereaved family of the late Son Jung-min pointed out that this is not the first time that human rights have been violated by the police. The bereaved family said that they received confirmation from the police at the time that the right to “request the CCTV to be requested by the bereaved family if desired” was confirmed. However, the claim of the bereaved family is that they were deprived of even the right to view the CCTV footage of the unresolved murder case of their son .

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