Hansolemicon in crisis of ‘Lee Seung-jun’s vacancy’… Securing thousands of troops by returning Joo Gin-wan and joining foreign players

Hansol Remicon summons former comrades and sets out to restore its honor. 

On the 10th and 11th,스포츠토토 the 2023 KXO 3×3 Seoul Tour and the second round of the KXO League will be held at the special outdoor court at Gwangmyeong Speedome. The event, which was scheduled to be held on May 20 and 21, was postponed by two weeks due to rain. 

The biggest issue of this tournament, which is spread across three categories, including the U18 division, the men’s open division, and the KXO league, is focused on Hanul Construction’s two consecutive KXO league victories and the revival of Haneulinje and Hansol Remicon. 

Hanul Engineering & Construction, whose original members such as Bang Seong-yoon, Ryu Gyeong-sik, Ahn Jeong-hun, and Lee Seung-bae, have been consistently working together, won the first round of the KXO League and the Korea Tour Seoul Tournament in a row this year. Hanul Engineering & Construction, which had been unable to win the championship due to the runner-up jinx, broke the existing 3×3 game by unraveling the resentment of winning. 

Contrary to the upward trend of Hanul Construction, the sluggishness of Haneul Inje and Hansol Remicon was unexpected. 

Haneul Naerin Inje and Hansol Remicon, which represented Korea’s 3×3, were pushed out of the competition this year and were not able to use their strength. Inje from the sky won the first championship this year at the Korea Tour Yangsan Tournament, which ended on the 4th, and succeeded in restoring its honor, but Hansol Remicon withdrew from the tournament. 

Hansol Remicon is struggling with the departure of key players and reinforcement of players. Cheol Kim, Lim Won-Jun, and Dong-Woo Kim are supporting the team, but with the departure of big men such as Seung-Jun Lee, Dong-Jun Lee, and Jong-Tae Seok, they are in a slump that has never reached the finals in 2023. 

Hansol Remicon, which even the players themselves say is at a critical moment, is eager to restore its reputation ahead of the second round of the KXO League.

Hansol Remicon, whose big man position completely collapsed after Lee Seung-jun left for Romania, joined Robert Pollard, a foreign player who had participated in the FIBA ​​3×3 Jeju Challenger 2019 with them in 2019. participate in 

American Robert Pollard, a forward with a height of 192 cm, participated in the FIBA ​​3×3 Jeju Challenger 2019 with Lee Seung-jun and Lee Dong-jun and led the team to the quarterfinals. there is. 

After playing for Hyundai Mobis, DB, and KCC, Joo Gin-Wan, who played an active part as a 3×3 player at Hansol Remicon after his retirement, recently moved his residence to Hong Kong. Gin-Wan Joo, who was living in Hong Kong, readily entered Korea at Hansol Remicon’s request to return, and participated in the second round of the KXO League along with Chul Kim and Joon Im Im. 

Hansolemicon Kim Cheol said, “Currently, there are too many vacancies, so I couldn’t even participate in the Korea Tour mass production competition last week. I was thinking of trying to get out of the KXO League 2nd round somehow, but in the worst case, only 3 players who could participate. But fortunately, Robert Pollard Gin-Wan Joo and Gin-Wan Joo made the decision to join, which was a great help. In particular, Gin-Wan Joo is more grateful for coming from Hong Kong for the team, “he expressed his gratitude to the two players. 

Kim Chul, who said that his goal was to pass the second round of the KXO League qualifiers due to the recent chaotic situation of the team, said, “The goal has become very simple (laughs). “To make matters worse, it is not easy to organize groups in this tournament. Still, Gin-Wan Joo, who came running from Hong Kong for the team, and Robert Pollard, who decided to work together without forgetting the old friendship,” he said. Because of that, I will exert more strength and show a good image. Since it is only June, I think the team will soon be able to show the old image,” he promised to do well in the second round of the KXO League. 

Hansol Remicon, joined by Joo Gin-wan and Robert Pollard, who returned to Korea for the team, will play the group stage against Hanul Construction and Hongcheon Epin in the second round of the KXO League. 

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