Heat wave warning across the country, heavy rain warning in Jeju and the southern coast

With heatwave warnings issued across the country, the steaming heat raged all night.

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Heavy rain warnings were issued in some areas of Jeju as the rainy season front moved north.

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Geum Chae-rim Caster!

Is it very hot across the country today?

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Yes, the heatwave will continue today as the whole country is mostly sunny.

However, in the southern coast and Jeju area, it is raining as the congestion front moves north.

In particular, heavy rain warnings have been issued to the southern coast of Jeollanam-do and Jeju, while water bombs of more than 40mm per hour are pouring in Jindo.

The amount of rain expected in the future will be up to 80mm or more in southern Jeollanam-do and Jeju, and 10 to 50mm in the northern part of Jeonnam and the western and southern coasts of Gyeongnam.

In particular, you need to be careful because there are places where it pours around 30 to 60 mm per hour until the morning.

The heat wave will reach its peak today.

While heatwave warnings are in effect in most areas of the country, Seoul will record the highest temperature this year at 35 degrees at noon today.

The southern region will also be hot with Daegu at 34 degrees.

In addition, the high humidity will make the heat discomfort worse.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, it will rain again across the country.

The high temperature will be dampened by the rain.

However, it can pour heavily locally again, so you need to prepare well in advance.

Today, the central region will be mostly sunny, and the southern region will be cloudy and rain in various places.

Also, from the afternoon to the evening, showers will먹튀검증 pass in northern Gangwon, Honam, and western Gyeongnam.

From the morning of the day after tomorrow, the monsoon rain will be lulled.

After that, it is expected that there will be frequent showers amidst the heat wave.

Until now, it has been a meteorological center.

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