Heavy rain today and tomorrow… Up to 250mm in the metropolitan area

Now rain clouds are approaching from the west sea먹튀검증, and it started to rain mainly from the western regions such as Chungcheong and Honam.

Heavy rain warnings were issued in Gunsan and Gimje, Jeonbuk, as strong rain of 30 to 40 mm per hour poured.

In the afternoon, it will rain in most of the country, especially in the central region.

Heavy rain of 30 to 80 mm per hour is expected, so the ‘extreme heavy rain’ situation that occurred in Seoul two days ago may reappear.

Tomorrow it will rain very heavily in the southern regions.

The amount of rain expected by tomorrow will be 50 to 150 mm across the country.

There will be places where it rains up to 250mm or more in the metropolitan area and up to 200mm or more in the inland of Gangwon, Chungcheong, and northern Jeonbuk.

As a preliminary warning of heavy rain has been issued in most areas, we must be careful not to cause damage.

The wind will blow strong all over the country here.

In particular, there will be places where gusty winds of more than 20m per second are blowing in the west coast, Yeongdong of Gangwon, the east coast of Gyeongbuk, and Jeju Island.

The waves of the sea will be as high as around 3m in the far south of Jeju and the far sea in the West Sea.

There will be thick fog over the sea.

This monsoon rain is expected to continue for a long time until the middle of next week, repeating stronger and weaker conditions.

I gave you the weather.

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