Holloway, determined to advance to the 6th round even in family affairs, digested the rest of the season normally… Played against KT on the 31st

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Pegasus said in a press release on the 30th that Murphy Holloway, a foreign player, will play in the match against KT on the 31st.

Holloway averaged 12.3 points and 10.5 rebounds this season, and was playing an active role as the core of Korea Gas Corporation’s goal. However, after digesting the SK game on the 28th, he missed the KGC game on the 29th due to personal reasons.

In an interview ahead of the KGC match, 메이저놀이터 coach Yoo Do-hoon said, “I don’t think Murphy Holloway will be able to finish the season due to personal reasons. I need to find a new foreign player.” 

According to the Korea Gas Corporation club, Holloway plans to play the rest of his season normally, and plans to play normally before KT on the 31st. Holloway, who suffered from family problems, is known to have strengthened his will to digest the rest of the season through a team meeting. Korea Gas Corporation said that he is not considering a replacement player for the current season.

The Korea Gas Corporation team said, “Recently, Murphy Holloway was in a situation where his mother’s illness in the United States was struggling, and even the eldest brother who was taking care of him was in a position to focus on the game because his health deteriorated. For this reason, he did not participate in the KGC match on the 29th. However, through the team meeting, he confirmed his role and the will of his colleagues to compete for the 6th round, and strongly expressed his will to participate in the season.”

Holloway will be listed on the entry list for the match against KT held in Suwon on the 31st, and will continue his team schedule normally.

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