Hwang Seon-hong-ho, a defender who was even punished after being caught drinking… “Judge Enough”

Soccer player Lee Sang-min (Seongnam)먹튀검증, who was caught drunk driving in the past, was selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games men’s soccer team, causing controversy. It is pointed out that he should have been more careful in his selection as it is an international competition that draws a lot of public attention.

Head coach Hwang Seon-hong, who leads the national team, announced the final list of 22 players on the 14th.

Defender Lee Sang-min was caught by the police while drinking and driving on May 21, 2020, when he was a member of K-League 2 (2nd division) Chungnam Asan.

In particular, he appeared in three games without notifying the club of this fact.

At the time, the Korea Professional Football Federation held a reward and punishment committee and imposed a 15-game suspension and a 4 million won fine on Lee Sang-min.

Lee Sang-min, who fulfilled the disciplinary action, has been active in the K-League since then.

Yonhap News reported that at the press conference held after the announcement of the final list that day, there was no mention of Lee Sang-min, probably because the questions and answers were focused on other topics such as the possibility of Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain)’s final boarding.

This is not the first time that the Hwangseonhong has been on board. He played six official matches, including the 2022 Under-23 (U-23) Asian Cup qualifiers and finals.

An official from the Korea Football Association explained, “Director Hwang Seon-hong selected Lee Sang-min’s faults and the fact that he fulfilled the disciplinary action comprehensively and thoroughly and judged.”

Meanwhile, the national team plans to first call in K-League players who can be summoned at the end of this month or in early August for training. The draw will be held in Hangzhou on the 27th.

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