“I also wrote BTS V”… Items that doubled sales in the scorching heat

Demand for sunglasses is soaring in the scorching heat. In an online luxury shopping mall, sales of sunglasses with foreign fashion brands more than doubled last month.

According to Must-it, an online luxury shopping mall on the 10th먹튀검증, sales of sunglasses in the shopping mall last month increased by 130% compared to last June. In May, when the early heat appeared, the growth rate of sunglasses sales recorded 166%.

Must-it selected popular sunglasses models for this summer based on the sales volume last month. For women’s sunglasses, French brands Celine and Chanel made their names on the list. First of all, Celine Triope oval sunglasses were selected. The sunglasses are known as models worn by V of the group BTS , who is in charge of Celine brand ambassador (public relations ambassador) , and Lisa of the group Black Pink. Along with this, △Chanel Square Oversized Sunglasses △Chanel Butterfly Logo Sunglasses were selected.

Popular male sunglasses brands include Moncler, Balenciaga, and Gucci. The most purchased products were △Moncler gold-rimmed sunglasses △Balenciaga Swift oval sunglasses △Gucci square logo sunglasses.

Summer is the time when the demand for sunglasses increases. This is because strong ultraviolet rays can advance the onset of geriatric eye diseases or cause various eye diseases. This year , the demand for sunglasses is predicted to increase in light of the fact that demand for overseas travel has increased due to endemic (endemic epidemic) and the emotional ‘Y2K fashion craze’ in the late 1990s and early 2000s continued.

A must-it official explained, “As the heat wave is rampant and the holiday season is approaching, more and more customers are looking for sunglasses to block out the intense sunlight.”

Along with sunglasses, more and more customers are looking for jewelry that adds personality to summer outfits. At Must It, sales of high-end jewelry brands Van Cleef & Arpels and Damiani increased by 57% and 42%, respectively, last month. Popular jewelry products include △Hermes Click Ache Bracelet △Tiffany & Co. 1837 Silver Narrow Ring △Louis Vuitton LV Iconic Necklace. Among men’s jewelry, △Hermes Tunis Tresse leather bracelet △Versace Medusa necklace △Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse necklace were selected.

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