“I can’t live without leggings”… It sold 4 times more, they say one pair is enough

Sales of multifunctional leggings that can be used for various purposes are rapidly increasing in the recession. One pair of leggings is especially popular among the MZ generation, who enjoy various hobbies and value cost-effectiveness, as they can be worn in almost any situation, from yoga or Pilates to hiking, golf, and swimming.

According to the fashion industry on the 9th, athleisure brand Andar’s water collection ‘Air Cooling Leggings’, which was first introduced last month스포츠토토 sold 4.6 times more than Andar’s regular leggings. With the release of this water collection, Andar upgraded the function of the existing ‘air cooling leggings’ into water leggings that can be worn even while playing in the water, and this is receiving a response beyond expectations.

Air cooling leggings are characterized by a cooling function, ventilation and quick-drying function, so they dry quickly even when wet with water or sweat. In addition, it is equipped with UV protection and a function to prevent contamination and discoloration caused by friction, making it suitable for indoor exercise as well as outdoor activities in summer. An official from Andar explained, “It seems that consumers’ purchasing patterns are also containing complex needs as consumer sentiment has contracted due to high prices.”

‘Black Label Signature Life’, a swimsuit line of leggings from Seximix, is also popular. Seximix’s swimwear line is a hybrid product that blurs the line between everyday wear and swimwear. The unique luster of swimsuits is eliminated and it is made with a matte texture so that it is comfortable to wear during everyday or indoor exercise. It also has a quick-drying function that quickly dries sweat and water. Seximix reported that the sales of its swimwear line in June this year increased by 36% compared to the previous year.

As the influx of the MZ generation continues into mountain climbing and golf , the number of leggings products with related functions is also increasing. The ‘Hybrid Hiker Leggings’ introduced by The North Face are outdoor leggings that can be worn comfortably in everyday life such as hiking and camping as well as running and cycling. The mix of woven fabric and wool knit fabric gives a light and cool feeling, and it has a quick-drying function, so you can wear it comfortably even during strenuous exercise or hot summer. There are men’s as well as women’s, so men who enjoy mountain climbing can wear it comfortably.

Golf wear brand Jay Lindberg sells a variety of leggings, including golf leggings such as ‘Jenna Tights’ and ‘Marge Tights’, as well as biker shorts (for bicycles) ‘ EKON SHORT TIGHTS ‘. The Econ Short Tights have a stretch function in the shaping fabric, so they are suitable not only for biker shorts, but also for tennis wear or indoor fitness, as they allow freedom of movement.

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