“I didn’t even look back because it was Kiwoom”… Defensive Specialist Returns After 7 Years

 “I didn’t even look back because it was Kiwoom Heroes.”

Coach Chae Jong-guk (48) returned to the Heroes after 7 years. After leaving the team at the end of the 2016 season as defensive coach for Nexen 카지노 (now Kiwoom) Futures, he went through Hanwha Eagles, kt Wiz, and coach Bu Kyung-go. From the 2023 season, he will serve as the first-team defensive coach and guide the squad.

Coach Chae told Spotify News, “I’m back after 7 years, but nothing has changed from before. It’s a club with a strong image of fostering, so the systems haven’t changed.” It is systematically well equipped. I was a high school coach, but because it was Kiwoom, I chose it without looking back.”

As much as they returned to a familiar team, there were many close faces. Many of the coaching staff, including first-team coach Hong Won-ki, played with Coach Chae. The synergy effect of the coaching staff can also be expected.

Coach Chae said, “Coach Hong Won-ki, hitting coach Kang Byeong-sik, assistant hitting coach Oh Yun, operation and running coach Park Jae-sang, and battery coach Park Do-hyun were all together when I was a player. “He smiled.

In the long-awaited return to Kiwoom, coach Chae cited stabilizing the defense as the first task. Last season, Kiwoom tied for third in the league with 118 defensive errors. In particular, in important games such as the postseason, there were frequent cases where the team gave up victories due to defensive anxiety. Coach Chae expressed his intention to focus on the basics to resolve his defensive anxiety.

Coach Chae said, “Last season, the players’ abilities were good, but as a result, the team made a lot of mistakes. I think it will happen,” he explained.

He continued, “Gocheok Sky Dome Ground is difficult for other teams to adapt to. The length of the artificial grass is much shorter than that of the batting field. Mainly, the first bounce of the batting ball hits the artificial turf and accelerates. ) is being considered,” he added.

Coach Chae could not hide his excitement after returning to the Heroes he had shown affection for. “I started my leadership career at Heroes for the first time. It’s a new feeling to come back. I feel comfortable because I know my position and team system so well. In terms of age, I’m right under the coach. We’re the same coach, but I’m trying to set an example.” I made up my mind.

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