I even made a hole-in-one… Miss the cut and go home

Neither a lucky hole-in-one nor two hot eagles could save the sluggish players on the first day from being eliminated from the cut.

In other words, because the ‘startup’ was delayed, there were players who could not make up for the sluggishness on the first day and sighed in regret.

The 2nd round of the 42nd GS Caltex Maekyung Open held at Namseoul CC in Seongnam on the 5th. Pavit Tangkamol Prasert of Thailand made a pleasant hole-in-one on the 3rd hole (par 3). This is the first hole-in-one in the tournament. However, he had to be content with reducing two strokes because there were no hole-in-one products such as luxury BMW cars. Tangkamol Prasert tried to pass the cut with a thrilling ace that reduced 2 strokes, but on this day, with jagged performances such as 1 eagle (hole-in-one), 2 birdies, 2 bogeys and 1 double bogey, he could not reduce the number of strokes and scored a total of 3 over par 145 strokes. and failed to qualify for the finals. I couldn’t help but regret that I didn’t even get the prize money because I made a hole-in-one in a hole that didn’t even have a jackpot prize and missed the cut.

Dantai Bunma (Thailand), a talented Asian Tour player, had the worst day on the first day of the tournament, hitting a whopping 9-over-par 80. It was the best situation in the warm weather with no wind blowing, but Boonma, who was relaxed late, showed off his skills in the second round. I made 2 eagles and 3 birdies. Although he committed one double bogey, he cut 4 strokes and recorded a 4-under-par 67. There was a difference of 13 strokes from the first day’s score. However, I had to be content with raising my shot sense with a median total of 5 over par 147 strokes.

Dropping out of the cut in professional golf competitions means ’empty-handed’ and ‘deficit’. They do not receive prize money because they do not compete in the weekend finals. You have to pay for all expenses and caddy fees to Korea with your own money.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Amateur Pi Seung-hyeon and Ben Leung (Malaysia) also performed well at the tricky Namseoul CC, cutting 3 and 2 strokes respectively, but failed to avoid the cut with a 4-over-par 146 in the middle.

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