I flew like Woo Sang-hyuk… High-jumping beauty butterfly Oh Soo-jung

“I’m very shy, so I haven’t had a chance to talk (with Woo Sang-hyuk) yet안전놀이터.”

If there is Woo Sang-hyeok, the world’s top jumper, who is raising Korea’s track and field presence to the fullest, Oh Su-jeong (21, Korea National University of Physical Education), who is slowly revealing her presence in women’s high jump, stands out.

Oh Soo-jung competed in the high jump women’s general category at the ’77th National Track and Field Championships’ held at Jeongseon Sports Complex in Gangwon-do on the afternoon of the 23rd, and she jumped 1m76 to rise to first place.

On this day, she skipped 1m60 and she barely surpassed 1m65 in her 3rd time, but she surpassed 1m70 and 1m73 at once, and her personal best of 1m76 was also achieved in the third jump.

Unfortunately, she failed to break her personal best of 1m80, but she raised her expectations that in the future she will be able to receive as much spotlight as Woo Sang-hyeok.

Oh Su-jeong, who was the number one scout in the athletic department because of her noticeable height since her childhood, fell in love with the high jump when she was in the 6th grade of elementary school because “her movements were so beautiful.”

She competed without a chance to learn properly, and as she came 4th in the National Boys Athletic Meet, the depth of her charm became too deep and her self-confidence grew as her record increased little by little. Rather than being greedy for medals and rankings, she found her fun in increasing her records.

She was slow because she was not obsessed with rankings, but she was able to build up records one by one, and she started to attract a lot of attention as she won every competition she participated in before graduating from Chungbuk Physical Education High School.

The following year, she went on to the Korea National University of Physical Education and made a big jump in her record.

Oh Su-jeong, who had a personal best record (PB) of 1m70, ran 1m76 안전놀이터at the National Championships held in April last year and was selected as the recipient of the Taein Sports Scholarship given to promising athletes.

Despite her growing attention, Soo-jung Oh said, “I didn’t even know I was getting attention,” she smiled shyly.

Oh Soo-jung, who lowered herself to the fullest, saying, “I’m still very lacking,” said Oh Su-jeong, “she is originally a non-greedy personality. She doesn’t have a lot of greed, so I think she’s getting closer (to her goal) little by little.” said.

She seemed to have slowed down a bit in her performance through the second half of last year and the beginning of this season, but today she upped her goal as she reached a personal best once again.

He said, “It’s a divisional record or a new record, so rather than something like this, I want to become a player who is technically proud of myself while doing the high jump.

The current women’s high jump record is 1m93, set by Kim Hee-seon (Kolon at the time) on June 9, 1990. Among active players, Jeong Yeon-jin (Ulsan City Hall) is 1m83 (2nd in history) set last year.

Just as Oh Soo-jung has been slowly climbing up until now, she is determined to set a goal little by little and move upward step by step without being impatient.

He said, “As an adult, I was selected as a member of the national team, but after doing that, I became greedy for the national team.”

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