“I followed Jennie after seeing it”… Even full body paralysis if done wrong

“I saw a video of Jenny getting a neck massage and tried it myself, but I thought that if I bent my neck incorrectly, I would really die.”

Aunt, an office worker in her 20s, recently took a vacation and came to a massage shop in Gangnam, Seoul to receive a chiropractic treatment known as ‘Jenny Neck Massage’. Chiropractic is a treatment method that directly stimulates the spine and joints with your hands without medication or surgery, and corrects misaligned joints to relieve pain. It is widely known under the name of ‘manipulative therapy’, but experts explain that it is a different treatment, strictly speaking. This treatment has recently become more widely known as Blackpink member Jennie received it through SNS

, such as short-form content on Instagram . The video was produced in 2019, but interest in chiropractic has increased as it has recently received attention again. According to Some Trend, a keyword analysis site, the search volume for ‘chiropractic’ increased by 47.07% from the 8th of last month to the 8th of last year compared to the same period last year. In the video, Jenny turned her neck after receiving chiropractic treatment, and he was delighted, saying먹튀검증, “I think I will live.” Afterwards, some of the people who showed interest in the video shared their own experiences, saying, “I saw Jennie’s video and received it right away.” One experiencer said, “I rolled my entire body like a shrimp, pressed the vertebrae and released the hardened bones, and it was a new world I had experienced for the first time.”

However, some responded, “I received treatment after watching Jennie’s video, but it only hurt.” Not only that, but there are also those who warn about the dangers of chiropractic. In fact, the medical community is in the position that chiropractic is not recommended in the treatment process. This is because there is a risk of bone fractures and nerve paralysis if the bone is touched incorrectly by chiropractic, and even full body paralysis. In July of last year, in the United States, there was a case in which a woman in her 20s suffered from general paralysis while receiving chiropractic treatment.

Lee Joo-gang, a professor of rehabilitation medicine at Gachon University Gil Hospital, told Hankyung.com, “When you do chiropractic, you turn your neck ‘crumpled’. Fractures can occur if you have a fracture that is not visible on X-rays, or if you are injured but have severe ligament damage, resulting in poor spinal stability, or if you receive excessive chiropractic when your bones are weak . “

Professor Lee said, “Another serious side effect is that there is a blood vessel called the vertebral artery inside the vertebrae of the neck. This can happen,” he said. “Because it can cause a kind of cerebral infarction, caution is needed.

She said, “If possible, it is better not to receive chiropractic treatment.”

Lee Dong-yeop, director of Champodonamu Hospital, also said in a video on the official YouTube channel, “People who practice chiropractic in Korea are not recognized as a formal doctor’s license, but play a role similar to physical therapists or exercise therapists.” It is recommended that you avoid places that perform spine surgery without a license because you can forcefully proceed with it.”

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