“I had cancer surgery”… The shocking current situation of a famous Chinese female singer who is also well-known in Korea

The unfortunate recent news of Chinese influencer Feng Timo, who is also highly recognized in Korea, is shocking.

Feng Timo posted on Weibo on the 24th온라인카지노, “Thank you for your concern” along with a photo of him in the hospital room.

Feng Timo posted on social media that he had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer before and that he had undergone surgery and it was successful. He continued, “Now my body has recovered and my voice has almost recovered through constant efforts.”

He also said, “Don’t worry, we’ll be able to sing and meet again.”

As of the 26th, this article has 27,000 comments and 224,000 ‘likes’.

Netizens commented, “I hope you are cured,” “I hope to see you in good health,” and “I’m glad the surgery went well.”

‘Feng Timo’, who gained great popularity in Korea with the song ‘Let’s copy the sound of a cat’, is currently active in Hong Kong.

I also came to Korea in January 2019. At the time , I also filmed a video for an SNS channel with domestic BJ Bo-gyeom in Hongdae.

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