“I know it’s impossible, but…” At the request of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, the luggage was moved to an ambulance

Controversy arose two days ago when it was revealed that the fire station ambulance had carried the members’ luggage in the process of leaving the Jamboree. As a result of our coverage, we know that it is not possible, but it was confirmed that there was a request from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security staff to send a vehicle.

Reporter Won Jong-jin covered the story exclusively.


The withdrawal of foreign Jamboree members was posted on the internet community the day before yesterday (12th).

A fire ambulance is mobilized to load the luggage, but criticism has arisen as to whether it is right to mobilize an ambulance to be used in an emergency that may occur at any time.

Then, the fire authorities explained that it was an ambulance originally deployed and that they applied in good faith for safety, but it is different from 먹튀검증the contents of the internal documents of the fire headquarters obtained by SBS .

In the document, in the process of leaving the hospital, the dispatched employee of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security said, “I know that it is not possible to use an ambulance to carry the luggage,” and requested that the ambulance be transported to the bus waiting area.

On that day, the ambulance traveled 300m from the accommodation to the bus stop five times and carried the luggage, but it was confirmed that the fire authorities even sent an official notice not to use the ambulance for any purpose other than that.

Along with criticism that the lack of preparation of vehicles to help the withdrawal of the Jamboree members was revealed again, it is even pointed out that the Emergency Medical Services Act, which prohibits the use of fire ambulances for purposes other than emergency rescue, has been violated.

[Chun Jun-ho/Democratic Party Public Safety Commissioner: It’s like using an ambulance as a truck. If laws and regulations are violated like this, I think the disaster safety response system is bound to be messed up.]

The Jamboree’s disruption, which revealed total insolvency due to lack of preparation and inexperience in operation, is expected to continue to be an issue in the future audits of the National Assembly Standing Committee and the Board of Audit and Inspection.

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