I only did one concert… A magnitude 2.3 ‘swift earthquake’ occurs

A detection result has been found that the vibration generated at the concert site of world-renowned pop star Taylor Swift is equivalent to an earthquake먹튀검증.

Foreign media such as the BBC and CNN reported that Swift’s concert held in Seattle, USA on the 30th (local time) caused an earthquake equivalent to a 2.3 magnitude earthquake.

Swift performed on the 22nd and 23rd at Luman Field Stadium in Seattle, Washington, USA. It is known that the number of spectators per performance is about 72,000. While Swift was performing, a seismometer of a nearby station detected a 2.3 magnitude tremor.

Jackie Kaplan-Auerbach, a geology professor at West Washington University, said, “The same pattern of signals and data was detected in both performances held over two days.” At the same time, it was observed that the vibration was caused by the shouts and movements of fans and the sound system of the concert hall. Seismologists analyze that

this vibration, also known as the ‘Swift earthquake’, is stronger than the so-called ‘Beast earthquake’ observed during an NFL Seattle Seahawks game held in the same place in 2011. When Marshon Lynch, nicknamed ‘Beast Mode’ at the time, succeeded in a touchdown, the crowd stood up and cheered, and at that time, a magnitude 2.0 vibration was detected by the seismometer.

Professor Kaplan-Auerbach said in an interview with CNN , “The difference in vibration magnitude between the NFL game and the Swift concert is only 0.3, but the shaking is more than twice as strong.”

Swift will hold a total of 52 tours in the US alone from March to August 9. After the concert in Seattle, Swift thanked her fans on her Instagram account, saying, “I had the best weekend in Seattle.”

It’s been five years since Swift held a concert in Seattle. Swift, who is called the best pop singer of this era, held concerts in about 20 American cities after Endemic, and thanks to Swift’s performances, demand from nearby hotels and restaurants recovered to the level before the spread of Corona 19, and even the word ‘Swiftnomics’ came out. .

The Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ) predicted that Swift would earn $1 billion (approximately 1.29 trillion won) from this tour alone. The number one US concert revenue of all time was Elton John’s $880 million, and Swift will far surpass it.

The US Federal Reserve also paid attention to Swift’s economic impact . The economic value created by Swift’s concert was mentioned in the Beige Book, an economic trend report released by the Fed.

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