“I put in 430 million won, but it ended up being 200 million won… “It reminds me of soju”

“I invested 430 million won, but after 2 years and 2 months, there is only 200 million won in my stock balance. “I’m so frustrated that all I can think about is drinking.”

Lee Seong-sil (pseudonym), in her 50s, is feeling low these days. This is because he quit his job four years ago due to problems with caring for his wife, who was suffering from cancer, and invested a large amount of money in a situation where her income was unstable. He made his first purchase of Com2us, a KOSDAQ game stock, at 126,700 won on July 7, 2021. At the time, he judged that the company’s value was undervalued compared to its asset value and owned IP (intellectual property rights). There were also expectations that the company would benefit from the strength of the blockchain and metaverse industries. His analysis was correct, and the stock price soared to 170,000-180,000 won in November and December of the same year . At one point, the account turned on a red light (profit), but he blamed himself, saying, “I missed the right time to sell due to my greed.” As he has 28 years of stock experience, he was able to admit his investment mistakes.Mr. Lee said, “Whenever there was a decline, I ‘did the trick’ (buying stocks at a low price to lower the average unit price),” and added, “Currently, I have 4,360 Com2uS shares in my stock account that I bought at an average purchase price of 99,148 won.” According to the Korea Exchange on the 9th, the stock price was 46,650 won. It fell 21.73% from the beginning of the year. Compared to the 34.58% increase in the KOSDAQ index during the same period, it is a reverse movement. On the 6th, it recorded a new 52-week intraday low of 45,600 won. Currently, Lee Seong-sil’s balance showed a loss of 228 million won. The return on investment for 2 years and 2 months is -52.95 %. He complained, “I’m selling stocks to help pay for my wife’s hospital and living expenses, but the stock price has fallen so much that I can’t even do this.” He then explained the reason for contacting the reporter, saying, “I think there is absolutely nothing left to lose, but short selling is still going on,” and “Currently, the losses are so high that I have given up, but I want to keep the spark of hope alive.”

‘ MLB9 Innings Rivals’ popular in Japan… Next year’s new lineup is diverse.
Com2us was founded in July 1998 and listed on KOSDAQ on July 6, 2007. The representative work is the mobile RPG (role-playing game) ‘Summoners War: Arena in the Sky’. It started global service in 2014 and achieved 100 million global downloads in 2019, and global sales exceeded 3 trillion won (cumulative) in October last year. In addition, there is a rich lineup of baseball games based on official KBO and MLB licenses. In the case of ‘ MLB9 Innings Rivals’, which was released on July 16, it ranked first in sports on the Google Play Store in Korea, the United States, and Taiwan, and ranked first among all popular games in the two major markets (Apple and Google) in Japan . It also ranked 18th in overall sales in the App Store game category. They are aiming to expand their game consumer base by diversifying genres such as the new works ‘Zenonia’, ‘Fishing God: Crew’, and ‘Mini Game Heaven’.

Regarding future business plans, Com2uS officials said, “ We will introduce a variety of new works from the second half of the year to next year, including ‘The Walking Dead: Match 3’, ‘Strikers 1945: RE’ , ‘Golf Star Championship’, ‘ BTS Cooking On: Tiny Tan Restaurant’, and ‘Project TS’. “He said. He also emphasized, “We will produce new movies and dramas centered on our subsidiary WYSIWYG Studio (38% stake), and My Music Taste (58% stake) will also expand our K-pop performance and commerce business.” He added, “We will work to improve performance by increasing the performance of the game business, which is our main source of sales, strengthening the competitiveness of new businesses, and stabilizing overall costs.”

“Plan to burn 128,665 shares, which is 1% of the total number of shares within the year.”
When asked about the shareholder return plan, he said, “We announced a policy to enhance shareholder value that combines stock repurchase, cancellation, and dividend policy for three years starting this year,” and added, “33% of the average operating cash flow for the previous three years on a separate basis was secured as a financial resource, and this was “We will use it to pay dividends to shareholders, purchase treasury shares, and burn 50% of the repurchased shares,” he said. He also emphasized, “ Reflecting the investment performance of SM Entertainment, we have raised a total of KRW 60.5 billion in financial resources, paid an additional dividend of KRW 14.9 billion following the stock purchase at the beginning of the year and year-end dividend payment, and are also in the process of purchasing treasury shares. ” He added, “We will also cancel 128,665 treasury shares, equivalent to 1% of the total shares, within the year.”

Although my size has grown over the past 5 years, my insides have not. It recorded sales of KRW 717.1 billion and operating loss of KRW 16.7 billion last year, compared to KRW 481.8 billion in sales and KRW 146.6 billion in operating profit on a consolidated basis in 2018. However, separate operating profit was 39.2 billion won last year. A ‘performance red light’ has been turned on due to the continued loss of media companies that invested to become comprehensive content companies.

Nevertheless, its financial condition is excellent, with the debt ratio last year being 43.23% and the capital reserve ratio being 18,253%. As of the second quarter, cash and cash equivalents were 572.2 billion won. It is equivalent to the market capitalization먹튀검증 (600.2 billion won). Real estate assets amount to 17.7 billion won on a separate basis.

Need to select and focus on new projects… Some say, “There is a possibility of a turnaround in the third quarter”Kang Seok-oh, a researcher at Shinhan Investment & Securities, said, “In the second quarter, we recorded sales of KRW 228.3 billion (18.1% increase compared to the previous year) and operating loss of KRW 5.7 billion (turned to deficit),” adding, “Sales grew due to the baseball season and global launches, but marketing costs and outsourcing service costs to subsidiaries increased. “The deficit continued due to the increase,” he said. He maintained his investment opinion neutral, saying, “This is a situation where selection and focus on new game projects are necessary.” This year’s sales were

A securities industry official said, “ There are doubts about growth due to the poor box office performance of ‘The Hundred Years’ War,’ ‘Chronicle,’ and ‘Zenonia,’ which use the flagship ‘Summoners War’ IP.” He added, “A cautious approach will likely be necessary due to the weakness in the gaming industry. 

” “He advised. However, he said, “The operating loss in the first quarter decreased from 14.8 billion won to 5.3 billion won in the second quarter,” and “there are expectations of a turnaround in performance in the third quarter.” Based on this, he added, “We believe that the Japanese box office success of 

MLB 9 Innings Rival will contribute to the recovery of sales.” He continued, “As short-term momentum is not visible, a mid- to long-term strategy is needed.” The average target stock price of seven securities companies is 66,500 won. There is a 42.55% upside potential from the current stock price.
The total number of shares is 12,866,420. The largest shareholder is Com2uS Holdings with a 29.38% stake. There are 11.28% of treasury stocks. Over the past two months (from July 10th), institutions have sold a net 139,134 shares. During the same period, foreign ownership increased from 9.34% to 10.16%. The distributed volume is less than 50%.

expected to be 888.2 billion won and operating loss was 20.4 billion won.

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