I ran out of money terribly… ‘7.7% special sale’ ran out as soon as it came out

Saemaul Geumgo is attracting deposits again by raising interest rates on deposits and savings accounts. Whenever a special sale of high-interest먹튀검증 deposits and installment savings is held, funds rush in quickly and often close in 2-3 days. The atmosphere is quite different from last month when the ‘deposit withdrawal’ situation occurred, a pan-governmental response team was formed and exceptional benefits for re-depositing deposits and savings were provided.

The special sale of the 7.7% annual installment deposit, which started on the 31st of last month at the Jongno Central Saemaul Geumgo, ended early at 4:00 pm on the 1st of last month, two days later. Since it was a product that allowed non-face-to-face signup, subscribers flocked to it in a short period of time. In addition to this place, Saemaul Geumgo has recently raised interest rates on deposits and savings deposits all over the country to attract funds. When enough funds are raised, interest rates are lowered again in just a few days to control the inflow. Seobinggo-dong and Itaewon 1-dong Saemaul Geumgo sold fixed-term deposits with a maximum annual rate of 5.54% from the 1st, and the highest interest rate was lowered to 5.24% per year in two days.

As the maturity of high-interest deposits and installment savings sold in the second half of last year approaches, Saemaul Geumgo seems to be preemptively securing funds. In November of last year, some Saemaul Geumgo offered a special sale of one-year time deposits that offered an annual interest rate of 8%. In credit unions and savings banks, deposit interest rates are still at the highest level of 4% per year, but at Saemaul Geumgo, deposits of 5% per year are common. Real estate PF

of Saemaul Geumgo early last month(Project Financing) It seems that the aftermath of the bankruptcy of deposits amid concerns about loan defaults also influenced Saemaul Geumgo’s rapid increase in deposit and installment savings interest rates. Since the end of February, Saemaul Geumgo has withdrawn 7 trillion won in deposit balance in just two months. During the same period, the total deposit balance of credit unions and other mutual financial companies increased by 11 trillion won.

An official from the Saemaul Credit Cooperative Federation explained, “The fear of withdrawal from deposits last month has subsided and we are currently managing deposits in a stable manner.

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