I really need a goal… , Gwangju FW Sandro driving without a license → Can’t play right now from Incheon on the 20th

Gwangju FC coach Lee Jeong-hyo’s concerns deepened. The main striker was unable to play at the point where a goal was already needed.메이저사이트

Sandro, a foreign striker, will not be able to participate in the game due to driving without a license. The Professional Football Federation announced on the 19th that Sandro, who was found to have been driving without an international driver’s license, was suspended from participating in K-League official matches for 60 days.

On the 18th, Sandro drove his rental car on his way to work for training without an international driver’s license issued (acquisition of a driver’s license in his country), collided with the vehicle in front waiting for a traffic light, caused property damage, and voluntarily reported it to the Gwangju Western Police Station. did.

There is something unfair about the concept of driving without a license. Sandro obtained a driver’s license in December last year, but was not issued an international driver’s license. This is because the license issuance was delayed due to the migration and update of the new driver’s license system in the state of Para, Brazil. To resolve Sandro’s grievance, the Brazilian government provided some form of government document to guarantee his driver’s license.

But in the end, it became driving without a license. It is known that Sandro will present his unfair story to the federation.

As a result of this action, the federation will first ban Sandro from participating in the game, and later hold a reward and punishment committee to take formal disciplinary action.

‘Activity Suspension’ is a temporary suspension of K-League-related activities for 60 days (can be extended up to 90 days) if it is difficult to review the reward and punishment committee within a short period of time for misconduct that causes social controversy or damages K-League values. It is an action.

Sandro’s ban from participating in the game will be applied from the 14th round of the K-League 1, which will be held on the 20th. Gwangju, leaving for the Incheon expedition, urgently needed a change of atmosphere. After the 8th round against Gangwon, the team was unable to win a single game in 6 consecutive matches until the 13th round. They have a record of 2 draws and 4 losses. The ranking dropped to 9th. Most of all, he only scored 2 goals in 6 matches. It is in the absence of serious bone determination.

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