“I should have taken the last train”… 3% mortgage loan from commercial banks disappeared

Gyeongnam Bank, which was the last bank in the banking industry to deal with home mortgage loans (hereinafter referred to as home loans) with an interest rate of 3% per annum, raised its interest rate, and the ‘3% per annum home loan’ virtually disappeared. The lower interest rate for home loans at some banks is in the upper 3% range per year, but this is a special product that must meet strict conditions such as having multiple children and long-term employment at a small or medium-sized business. Recently, dissatisfaction among actual consumers has been growing due to the suspension of 50-year mortgage loans and increases in banking interest rates.

According to the financial sector on the 18th, Kyongnam Bank recently raised the interest rate on its 5-year fixed home loan by 0.04 percentage points from 3.96% per year to 4.0% per year. Until recently, Kyongnam Bank was the only bank in the banking바카라 sector that handled mortgage loans in the upper 3% range per annum.

The maturity of this loan product can be up to 40 years. Preferential interest rate conditions are similar to other banks, such as salary transfer, payment of 100,000 won in savings, average monthly balance of 500,000 won or more, 4 or more automatic transfers, and monthly credit card use of 1 million won or more. Kyongnam Bank is said to have decided to raise interest rates due to the recent rise in market interest rates. It is interpreted that the fact that the financial authorities were unable to engage in active sales as they pointed out mortgage loans as the cause of the increase in household debt also played a role.

As Kyongnam Bank raised interest rates, mortgage loans with an annual interest rate of 3% disappeared from the banking sector. As of the 14th, the five major banks ( KB Kookmin, Shinhan, Hana, Woori , NHNonghyup’s fixed mortgage interest rate is 3.91-6.06% per year. The lowest interest rate is in the late 3% range per annum, but these are products with special conditions. Each bank provides preferential interest rates based on conditions such as ▲long-term employment at a small or medium-sized business for more than 20 years, raising 3 or more children, and ▲supporting parents over 60 years of age. Excluding these special products, there are currently no banks that handle mortgage loans with an annual interest rate of 3%.

Internet-only banks, which have been aggressively offering mortgage loans with interest rates in the 3% range, have recently begun raising interest rates. As of the 14th, Kakao Bank’s fixed interest rate mortgage interest rate ranged from 4.305% to 6.803 % per annum. During the same period, K Bank’s mortgage interest rate also ranged from 4.26 to 5.29% per annum. Internet-only banks’ mortgage interest rates actually exceeded those of commercial banks.

Real home buyers are expressing dissatisfaction as the financial authorities have effectively banned mortgage loans with a 50-year maturity and interest rates are rising. Mr. A (39), an office worker who was preparing to buy a house, said, “I looked into buying a house because I read it as a signal to buy a house because the government relaxed housing loan regulations, but loan regulations have suddenly been strengthened.” He added, “I looked into it through a loan originator, and most banks It is said that interest rates on home loans have all risen to the mid to high 4% per annum level, but government policies seem to be going back and forth.”

Financial authorities believe that household debt has increased rapidly as internet-only banks have recently begun aggressive sales and commercial banks have also launched 50-year mortgage loans. A high-ranking official from the financial authorities said, “The loosening of some lending regulations at the beginning of the year was the normalization of abnormalities,” and “The increase in mortgage loans by internet-only banks and the handling of loans with a 50-year maturity, etc. are corrections to the banks’ lax lending behavior.”

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