“I was beaten all through elementary, middle, and high school”… Students who are afraid to go to school

Last April, three teenage middle school students assaulted a classmate for seven hours in Taean, South Chungcheong Province.

What’s even more cruel is that this scene was filmed and posted online.

A similar thing happened in Busan in 2017.

Middle school girls beat their peers until they were covered in blood.

And he posted the photo online.

It’s unfair to suffer violence, but how does the victim really feel if it spreads to cyberspace like this?

However, it was found that 98% of the victims, virtually all of them, had experienced this type of cyberbullying.

As the forms of school violence change so subtly, the rate of students who are afraid of going to school or have suicidal thoughts continues to increase.

Reporter Kim Hwa-young.


When she was in the 6th grade of elementary school, school was a place of fear for Suyeon Kim.

Even though 10 years have passed, the memories of the school violence I experienced at that time have never been erased.

[Kim Soo-yeon/pseudonym/victim of school violence/voice modified: “There were times when they grabbed me by the collar, grabbed my hair, put 먹튀검증me up against a wall, and kicked me in the stomach. After school, they grabbed me by my body…”] No one, including school teachers, will help me

. At that time, the only choice Mr. Kim had was to give up on himself.

[Kim Soo-yeon/pseudonym/victim of school violence/voice altered: “Eventually, as the number of days I could not attend school increased, I had to consider dropping out, and I expressed my situation through several suicide attempts and self-harm.”] Results of a survey by a youth group

. , 7 out of 10 victims of school violence answered that they were ‘afraid to go to school’ like Mr. Kim.

The number of students who said they had considered taking their own lives due to school violence increased significantly compared to a year ago. In particular, ‘cyber violence’ through messengers and SNS

has recently rapidly increased, with most victims responding that they have experienced it. [Parent of a victim of school violence/voice altered: “They made up their own signals and slang to bully children. If they say, ‘Let’s play Pokemon,’ they end up saying negative things about my child in other group chat rooms…”] Last year, there were 1,500 cases in Seoul alone where victims of school violence visited support organizations. However, there are only four organizations nationwide dedicated to helping these victims. [Choi Seon-hee/Green Tree Foundation Counseling Director: “It is necessary to develop various models so that specialized student organizations can operate in various forms, such as public and private, and provide administrative, financial, and institutional support…”] Ministry of Education announced the establishment of a national-level support organization last June, but it may not open until three years at the earliest. This is Kim Hwa-young of KBS News.

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