“I was wondering who would use this” Apple’s ‘hot item’ taken out of the drawer again

“It’s good that I had a string earphone.”

Wired earphones, which were considered obsolete due to wireless earphones, are recently attracting attention as a fashion item for idol stars. It is being re-examined as it emerges as a hot item that suits the retro sensibility of ‘ Y2K’ at the end of the century that teens and twenties are enthusiastic about . Unlike wireless earphones, there is no hassle of frequent charging or risk of loss, which is also cited as a reason for repurchasing line earphones.

Jenny of the idol group ‘Blackpink’ is becoming a hot topic for wearing Apple’s wired earphones ‘Lightning EarPods’ as she arrived at Incheon International Airport on the 4th. Immediately in the online community, reactions such as “Jennie looks so hip”, “The era of wearing earphones again” and “I’m switching to earphones” came out.

This isn’t the first time Jennie has been seen wearing Apple wired earphones. As many idol stars were often spotted wearing Apple EarPods with strings, wired earphones have recently become an opportunity to attract attention again.

Black Pink’s Rosé also drew attention by revealing that he does not use Apple’s wireless earphones, ‘AirPods’, in an interview with the fashion magazine ‘Vogue먹튀검증‘, which was released last May. He said that he prefers classic earphones with strings instead, and took out wired earphones from his bag.

Rosé cited the fact that she didn’t have to charge it as the reason she preferred line earphones. In fact, in addition to the retro trend sensibility, convenience is also cited as the background for wired earphones in their teens and twenties. This is because wireless earphones have the stress of frequent charging and the risk of loss, whereas wired earphones are less inconvenient.

In fact, online communities are lined with reviews saying that one of the Apple AirPods was lost and repurchased. In the case of the ‘AirPod Pro 2’, the price reaches 130,000 won even if you purchase only one side.

On the other hand, the current price of the Lightning wired earphone is 28,000 won based on Apple’s official website. It is an analysis that there are not a few consumers who still prefer wired earphones as they are cheaper than wireless earphones and there is no time difference between sound reproduction.

Meanwhile, Apple is expected to introduce a new charging type of wired earphones starting with the ‘iPhone 15’ series scheduled to be released in September. MacRumors, an American 

IT media outlet, reported in May that Apple would produce new wired earphones by changing the charging terminal from the iPhone 15.Apple has been insisting on the Lightning type for the charging terminal, but from the iPhone 15, the prospect of changing to the same 

USB-C terminal as Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy products has been raised early. This is because the European Union ( 

EU ) has decided to force the unification of smartphone charging terminals into 

USB-C type in 27 member countries from 2024 .In line with this, it is interpreted that Apple changed wired earphones to a new form and started mass production. Recently, anticipation is rising as an atmosphere has formed that misses the retro sensibility of young people and the sensibility of Apple’s own earphones with white strings.

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