“If it’s safe, use it as drinking water” Democratic Party… Embarrassed Grossie ‘Sigh’

Throughout the 90-minute meeting, the Democratic Party slammed Secretary-General Grossy, saying that the IAEA ‘s investigation was unbalanced and poor. The sound of protests in front of the National Assembly against the discharge of contaminated water leaked into the meeting room, and Secretary-General Grossi showed a look of embarrassment.

Correspondent Ryu Jeong-hwa reports.

[Reporter] IAEA

Secretary-General Rafael Grossi took luck by saying먹튀검증 that he understands that the Democratic Party is concerned about the discharge of contaminated water. [Raphael Grossi

/ IAEA Secretary General: We understood, and still understand, your concerns and concerns.]

However, the Democratic Party poured out strong criticism during the 90-minute meeting.

Secretary-General Grossi took issue with his remarks that he could drink contaminated water and swim.

[Woo Won-sik/Democratic Party member: ‘You can drink nuclear-contaminated water and you can swim’ I’m very concerned. Whether Japan, a water-shortage country, drinks domestically as drinking water, the people of Korea have no intention of drinking polluted water or swimming in polluted water… […]

In front of the National Assembly, civic groups protested against the discharge of contaminated water, and their slogans even leaked into the meeting room.

[Glossy Go Home! Grossy Go Home!]

Secretary-General Grossi commented on the protests as “an opinion that can naturally exist in a democratic society,” but his expression gradually darkened and he sighed.

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