‘If the older brother collapses, the younger brother will stop it’ This is the ‘momentum’ Lotte mound, Kim Won-jung, who smiled widely before the game ‘There was a reason for everything!’

‘If the older brother is shaken, the younger brother will block it’ The Lotte Giants, which leads to ‘movement’ this season. With veteran Kim Sang-soo, who is in charge of the back door, and long-haired finisher Kim Won-joong, Sutton is reassured.

Sajik Stadium in Busan, where Lotte Giants and KIA Tigers played a three-game series last weekend. The passion for baseball in Busan was so hot that it sold out for two consecutive days. Lotte recorded their 5th sold out this season. The heated voices of the 22,990 baseball fans who filled the stands resonated throughout the stadium. (18,996 people even in the game on Friday)

Lotte won a 2-1 winning series. In the second game of the three-game series, the power of the mound shone once again.

In order to maintain a 5-4 1-point lead, manager Sutton put veteran Kim Sang-soo on the mound in the 8th inning. result is failure. Kim Sang-soo, who grounded 1st base Kim Seon-bin to 2nd base. The 127km forkball thrown to pinch hitter Lee Chang-jin led to a timely hit and allowed a tie. After that, Lee Woo-sung even hit him. He succeeded in striking out Kim Seok-hwan in a crisis with 1 company, 1st and 3rd bases reversed, but was replaced with Kim Won-joong, who left one out count.

It was Sutton’s strength to catch the game that day. The older brother, who gave the tie, headed for the dugout with his head bowed, and the younger brother, who climbed the mound, erased the reverse crisis by handling Shin Bum-soo as a floating ball in left field.

Long-haired finisher Kim Won-joong was responsible for four outcounts in the ninth inning, with Ryu Ji-hyeok striking out, Park Chan-ho walking, Socrates shortstop’s ground ball, and Choi Hyung-woo’s catcher striking out. As the mound endured, the batters rallied. In the last attack of Lotte in the ninth inning, Noh Jin-hyeok, with the first company loaded, put an end to the fierce game with a final hit.

Lotte almost gave up the game. Kim Sang-soo, who was not comfortable allowing the score to be tied in the 8th inning, and Kim Won-joong, who was in charge of 4 out counts, finished the game with a big smile at the end victory.

Kim Sang-soo and Kim Won-joong, who met on the ground before the game that day, shed beads of sweat while running and core exercises in the hot weather. It was hot enough to make you sweat just by standing still, but the two players did all the training. Veteran Kim Sang-soo, who has gone through all of the prenatal battles, gave advice to his junior Kim Won-joong during the break.

After discovering the reporter’s camera at the end of training, Kim Won-joong and Park Se-woong smiled brightly and made a V pose for victory with their fingers.먹튀검증

Long-haired finisher Kim Won-joong, who took the mound after his older brother, who unfortunately tied the game, did not allow a turnaround thanks to his advice. When one person falters, the team stands behind them. Even if Kim Sang-soo, who is playing a big role as Lotte Pilseung-jo this season, was shaken, there was a reliable younger brother behind him.

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