“Iljin gathering, school violence…” Actress Kim Hee-ra revealed her stance at her alma mater, Sangji Girls’ Middle School.

 While actress Kim Hee-ra is embroiled in suspicions먹튀검증 of school violence, on the 7th, Sangji Girls’ Middle School in Wonju, Gangwon-do expressed its regret over unfiltered reports that tarnished the reputation of school members.

Sangji Girls’ Middle School issued a statement on this day, saying, “Actress Kim Hee-ra attended our school 20 years ago, in 2004,” and added, “Because of the article, many parents and students are saying that our school is not honorable and that ‘group gatherings and school violence’ are rampant.” “It is causing misunderstanding due to poor perception, so we want to correct it,” he said.

She also said, “As of this year, there has not been a single case of school violence on campus,” and “We are resolving conflicts between students by organically collaborating with students, teachers, and parents through a character gifted education program.”

At the same time, he added, “The staff of Sangji Girls’ Middle School have not reported or interviewed in relation to the article,” and added, “The content of the article does not match the current educational activity situation for the 2023 school year.”

Sangji Girls’ Middle School said, “We regret that the name of the school and photos of the school’s view were reported without filtering in the article, damaging the reputation of students, parents, faculty and staff, and Sangji Girls’ Middle School. We hope that students and parents will not have any misunderstandings about our school.” “I hope so,” he explained.

Meanwhile, on the 6th, entertainment media outlet Dispatch reported suspicions that Kim Heera participated in the Iljin group ‘Big Sanji’ while attending Sangji Girls’ Middle School in Wonju, Gangwon-do. Regarding this, it is true that he went with a group of ‘Big Sanji’ called Kim Heer,

In addition, Gram Entertainment, the agency, also issued an official statement on the same day, saying, “It is true that Kim Heera joined a cafe named Big Sanji in the past and hung out with its members,” but added, “She has never been active in Iljin and has never admitted to working in Iljin.” “I have never participated in school violence,” he said.

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