“I’ll pay off your debt”… The reason why KGC Oh Se-geun wanted SK against the champ

“I hope SK will come up to the championship game.”

When asked who he would like to meet in the championship match, Oh Se-geun (36), the starting center for Anyang KGC, chose Seoul SK without hesitation.

On the 26th, ahead of the home game against Wonju DB, KGC achieved its 3rd ‘Wire to Wire’ championship (to win while maintaining first place from the start) as second place Changwon LG was caught by SK. Afterwards, they won 76-71 in the home game against DB, and decorated the end of the regular season with a happy ending. On this day, Se-geun Oh played 33 minutes and 16 seconds and contributed to the victory with 15 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists.

After the game, Oh Se-geun said, “It feels good to win the regular league in six years.” “In fact, I wrote a script with the players (to win earlier), but it didn’t work out. So I think I’ve come to the end. I won the regular league. I will end the joy today and prepare again (for the combined victory).”

For Oh Se-geun, who has gone through all the pre-natal battles, winning the ‘Wire to Wire’ is expected to be a great pride in his basketball life.

He expressed his joy, saying, “It was my first experience after being in the pro for 12 years. There were times when the team went well and there were times when it was bad, but I overcame difficulties well and came to this place.” .

With this win, KGC went directly to the semifinal playoffs. It is a physically advantageous situation as it can take more rest than the teams that came up after the playoffs in the 6th round.

Oh Se-geun, who is looking to win the championship game beyond the semifinal playoffs, is drawing a picture of competing for the throne with SK.

KGC finished third in the regular league last season,카지노 broke through the playoffs in the semifinals and the semifinals, and showed its potential to advance to the championship match. However, at the final gateway, they were unable to overcome their physical strength, and unfortunately ended up in the runner-up, losing to SK with 1 win and 4 losses.

Oh Se-geun said, “First of all, it is important to play well in the semifinal playoffs,” and “If I go to the championship match, I want to meet SK. I have a desire to avenge the loss last season. “He showed confidence.

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