Im Seong-jae saved the tournament… 5 strokes come-from-behind championship Woori Financial Championship super hit!

 It showed that even KPGA can be successful if there are stars.

The final round of the 2023 ‘KPGA Woori Financial Championship’, where Lim Seong-jae’s band electrode unfolded, broke the all-time high in the number of online viewers and the size of the gallery.

At the moment of the final round of the Woori Financial Championship, which was broadcast live by SBS on the 14th for 6 hours, the highest number of concurrent users exceeded 15,550. This is the highest figure among domestic men’s and women’s competitions broadcast this year. It is also the highest record ever. It was investigated that the cumulative number of viewers from the first round to the final round reached 270,000 on YouTube and the website.메이저사이트

It was also a great success in terms of mobilizing galleries. On the last day of the tournament, 11,213 people visited the golf course at the Ferrum Club. A total of 20,148 galleries gathered over the four days, recording the largest number of spectators on the 2023 KPGA Korean Tour. The organizers were satisfied, saying, “I think the performance of star players such as Lim Seong-jae and Jeong Chan-min attracted the gallery.”

After the contest was over, Woori Financial officials celebrated the success of the contest with a toast. Lim Seong-jae, who won the competition, also said, “It was a great source of strength for many galleries to come and support us until the end.”

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