Immigrants from Sungkyunkwan University who returned, relieved worries about Kim Yun-seong’s vacancy

“Unlike Kim Yun-seong, he is good at fast speed, so he has to speed up the tempo and participate in the fast attack as well.”

Sungkyunkwan University won the home game against Chosun University on the 1st, 78-56, and escaped from a two-game losing streak. Sungkyunkwan University, which is recording 4 wins and 4 losses, is tied for 5th place with Myongji University.

Sungkyunkwan University will have an away game against Korea University on the 9th, and will enter a break during the Korea-Japan University Qualifying Tournament. After that, they will face off against teams competing for the playoffs.

The important thing is that Kang Seong-wook and Kim Yun-seong, who have established themselves as indispensable players for the current team, are highly unlikely to be able to play against them.

The U19 Men’s Basketball World Cup will be held in Hungary from the 24th of next month. Kang Seong-wook and Kim Yun-seong, who were selected for the U18 national team last year, are the players who will be selected as they are. Generally, the players selected for the U18 national team remain as they are, and start training about a month before the start of the tournament.

One of the players who will fill the vacant position of Kim Yoon-seong, who guards the bottom of the goal at Sungkyunkwan University, is Lee Joo-min (195cm, F/C). Lee Joo-min returned this year after taking a year off due to an injury during winter training last year.

Lee Ju-min, who did not play long in the recent game, played 24 minutes and 28 seconds against Chosun University, recording 14 points, 8 rebounds and 2 assists.

Lee Joo-min, who showed his skills after a long time after returning, said, “It was so hard that I couldn’t even hear what (the coach) said and my legs were shaking. I was very nervous when I first played,” he said. “I also dunked in the game with Chosun University. (My body condition) was better than I thought. He gained confidence.”

Lee Joo-min also dunked while warming up before the game. However, he is different from dunking in real life. That means your body is in good shape.

“I am working hard to show a better image,” said Lee Joo-min. He has to respect what he should respect even his fellow college players. I like that kind of play.”

There was a judgment that he had not completely escaped from the trauma of the injury because he had not played many matches until the previous game.

Lee Joo-min said, “I went to field training in January last year, and the part that kept hurting (Achilles tendon) broke off. He was depressed for several months, but his classmates and coaches told him that he could continue,” he said. My body is fine, but I have something like that myself.”

When Kim Yun-seong was told that he would have to run a lot if he was selected for the U19 national team, Lee Joo-min said, “Unlike Yoon-seong, his specialty is fast speed, so he needs to speed up the tempo and participate in the fast break.”메이저사이트

In the match against Chosun University, when Lee Joo-min, Gu In-gyo, and Kim Yun-seong ran together, not only their height but also their speed stood out. In particular, Gu In-gyo and breathing stood out.

Lee Joo-min said, “Gu In-gyo and I are not slow-moving. Yoonseong fills in what I lack from behind the goal, and In-gyo is so good at defense that we cover each other,” he said. I get along well while training with In-gyo, and I want to play fast basketball together. so it fit well We talk a lot about the NBA, and the players we like are also the same. Ingyo said he likes Durant, Booker, and Kobe. I like Kobe too, but I like his mentality better than Kobe’s play. We sympathize with each other in that respect.”

Lee Joo-min, who came back from injury, said, “I can’t play many games yet, but if Yoon-seong is missing, I will try to make a better team by filling in his place, and as I said in my freshman year, my goal is to make my name known to the professional coach.” did.

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