In modern basketball where guards are valued, will Samsung Life survive the second half after losing three guards?

‘Shinhan Bank SOL 2022~2023 Women’s Professional Basketball’ Prior to the start of the second half of the regular league, Yongin Samsung Life’s issue is by far the performance of the guards. In the last game of the first half, Samsung Life lost two guards at the same time. Lee Ju-yeon, who injured her cruciate ligament, and Kiana Smith, who suffered a ruptured patellar tendon, underwent surgery during the All-Star break and ended the season early. With Yoon Ye-bin, who plays the same position ahead of the start of the season, has also left, so Samsung Life’s guard worries are inevitably deep.

Samsung Life is a team with an excellent forward line. It has a number of players who combine height and scoring ability, such as Danbi Kim, Yurim Kang, and Lee Haeran, starting with the versatile Hyeyoon Bae. The problem is the guards who can organize their attacks. Shin I-seul and Jo Soo-ah, who had a lot of experience in the 1st team stage, but mainly played for a short time as 6th man, must take on the role of ‘field commander’. Experienced forwards will help them, but they also need to ‘stand alone’. This is because it is obvious that the teams facing Samsung Life in the second half will try hard to put pressure on the guard. 먹튀검증

In modern basketball, the role of guards with excellent offense is emphasized. Rather than a point guard who organizes the team’s offense, offensive guards who take the lead in unleashing attacks are more common. When the team attack is frustrating, you have to show activeness in the 2v2 attack using the screen. In that respect, it is not easy for Samsung Life Insurance to play basketball like this with the current guards.

Samsung Life Insurance took second place with 11 wins and 6 losses in the first half. There are now 13 games left until the end of the regular season. They are ahead of Incheon Shinhan Bank (8 wins and 9 losses) in 4th place, which is the final line for advancing to the playoffs (PO) by 3 games. It is still in a position where it is not possible to guarantee entry into PO. I wonder what preparations Samsung Life Insurance has prepared for the second half of the season starting on the 14th.

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