In Seoi Elementary School Teacher’s Handbook… “Mother, then should I let the child do anything?”

This time, we are talking about a teacher토토사이트 at Seoi Elementary School who took his own life. JTBC discloses some of the work notebooks written by the deceased teacher with the consent of the bereaved family. There were words of complaints such as worrying about “class collapse” or “should we just let the child do what he does”. The bereaved family said there are still many suspicions that need to be revealed.

First, I am reporter Park So-yeon.


Seoi-cho A teacher meticulously recorded what happened in class in her work notebook.

From the beginning of the semester, I wrote down the problem behavior of certain students.

At the same time, he also left traces of thinking about how to lead well.

She also wrote what to do to ‘prevent class collapse’.

She also vowed to “ask the cooperating teacher immediately if a child shows a problem behavior” or to be disciplined strongly if he or she behaves disrespectfully, such as talking in a bad way or kicking.

However, it seems that the meeting with the parents did not go smoothly.

Two months later in June, teacher A wrote down what appeared to be a conversation with the parents in her memo.

“Why do you keep doing this to my child?” she seems to have written the words of a parent.

In response, teacher A wrote as if complaining, “Then, should I just let the child do what he does?”

The bereaved family also revealed the chat room conversation with teacher A to the reporters.

This is a message from teacher A to her mother on the 13th, when there was a consultation with the parents of the so-called ‘pencil case’.

Around 4pm, she calls her mom with a tear emoji.

In response, the parents of the deceased asked what was going on, and three hours later, they sent only a short reply saying, “It’s too hard.”

[Bereaved family of Seoi Elementary School teacher: (Looking at the conversation) I thought it must have been really difficult. My heart ached. missed it how hard… ]

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