Iranian soccer player exempted from death penalty ’26 years in prison’… accused of participating in anti-government protests

 Correspondent Cho Yong-woon = The Iranian government announced that it had sentenced a professional soccer player to 26 years in prison for being involved in anti-government protests.

Iran’s state-run Mehr News Agency said on the 10th that Amir Nasr Azadani (27) was sentenced to 26 years in prison after being found guilty of conspiring with a group to kill security forces.

Ajadani was arrested in November after allegedly belonging to a group that killed three security forces during an anti-government protest. If convicted, he faced the maximum penalty of death.

In fact, the International Football Players Association (FIFPRO) urgently notified that Ajadani was facing the death penalty. At the time, FIFPRO demanded that the punishment be withdrawn: “Ajadani faces execution after supporting action for women’s rights and basic freedoms in Iran. It is shocking and disgusting.” 안전놀이터

Last month, Colombian President Gustavo Petro demanded Ajadani’s release, which became a hot topic. When the head of state publicly mentioned the case, the Iranian embassy in Colombia said, “The death sentence of an Iranian soccer player is fake news.”

The Iranian judiciary sentenced Azadani to 26 years in prison instead of the death penalty, although he admitted to conspiracy to kill Azadani.

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