“Isn’t that old man a bit strange?” ‘Drugs’ Suspicion Surprising ‘Reversal’

On the night of May 28, the Tanhyeon police box in Paju, Gyeonggi Province.

A man in his 60s wearing a hat arrived at the police box with police officers.

A little while ago, around 9:00 pm, Mr. A had an accident while driving in reverse on the road, but it was not drunk driving.

However, the police officer dispatched to the scene determined that there was something suspicious, such as the awkward tone of Mr. A and the fact that many drugs were found in his car.

Because of this, Mr. A was brought to the police box for further investigation.

After seeking consent from Mr. A, a drug test was performed, but the result was negative, and the drugs found were also confirmed as blood pressure drugs.

The situation seemed to be over.

However, after watching Mr. A’s behavior as he tried to return home, a police officer brought Mr. A back to his colleague, saying, ‘Isn’t something a little strange?’

A veteran police officer who continued to observe 먹튀검증Mr. A’s behavior after returning to the police box.

As if he thought something was wrong, he asked Mr. A to walk straight.

Then, Mr. A is unable to balance properly and limps.

The policeman made a phone call somewhere, as if he was sure of something.

After a while, 119 paramedics arrive at the police box.

The policeman explained Mr. A’s symptoms in detail, and the paramedics confirmed a few things and immediately transferred Mr. A to the hospital.

What this police officer suspected was ‘premonitory symptoms of cerebral hemorrhage’.

A police officer who had seen cases of cerebral hemorrhage during an autopsy at the National Institute of Scientific Investigation as a detective recognized some unusual symptoms.

[Lieutenant Lee Bong-joon/Paju Police Station]
“I heard that if you have a cerebral hemorrhage, your eyes will protrude because blood pools in your brain. There was a phenomenon of leaning towards.”

Mr. A, who was taken to the hospital, was actually diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage.

However, thanks to early detection, he was immediately treated and regained his health.

Mr. A and his family thanked the police officer, saying that he was treated well afterward.

[Lieutenant Lee Bong-joon/Paju Police Station]
“(The doctor) said, ‘How did you know it was a cerebral hemorrhage?’ … I heard you say thank you.”

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